Hi guys, been a while as I was ready to post the week of 21st, I realized that I was officially OFF DUTY, so I applied the second and important concept TIME OFF IS TO REST AND RELAX...

Today I will not post the workouts but just talk about the two concepts that I want to bring forward.
"Feeling sloppy, tired, Exhausted: 4 main reasons, nutrition, wrong training planning, Mental Burnout, Physical exhaustion " + "TIME OFF IS TO REST AND RELAX"...

Week of 21st-27th March

MONDAY: Felt strong.

TUESDAYFelt: Exhausted, sleepy and stiff. Nevertheless I completed a 45' spin class, which did me good.

WEDNESDAYFelt a bit more energized, but not great.

THURSDAY: a hard BJJ session with sparring starting from the bottom. Then, I Managed only 30" of 45' kettlebell class as I was so tired, exhausted. I decided to do the Best thing I could... TO STOP AND REST


SATURDAY: Conditioning: A strong session followed by a hour nap and 1h spin. It was a Good strong spin session, I needed 5' to warm up my "heavy legs" but it was a winning session as I was surrounded by a strong cast led by Paul, Kirsten, Laura, Emma, Flori, David, David and Nathan.In the previous conditioning session, the experience with altitude mask is mixed as I felt claustrophobic and had to remove it for 10".

Now the fact that I was exhausted lately must have played in my mental weakness. On the other hand the burpees which killed me last week were almost enjoyable. I ate and slept right after the session so didn't feel so knackerd as usual and had no headaches.


Fitness: My fitness is going in the right direction, the main reason is that I stay away from injuries. Being consistent in my training aloud me to improve.Rest and Work: My body was begging for rest and I gave it as much as I could, being tired had a negative repercussion on my work.
The Work: I have not been on top of my work as usual, I have been slacking off.I have been slacking for several reasons, on one hand a lack of planning and on the other hand I am mentally and physically exhausted!

Nutrition: I started and finished the week at 86.5kg, without worrying about it, just going through the motion.

"Feeling sloppy, tired, Exhausted: 4 main reasons, nutrition, wrong training planning, Burnout, Physically exhausted". All these elements may be related and one lead to the other.

1- Wrong food: Two examples to illustrate my point, on Wednesday after my HIIT session at 8.30am, I had a breakfast made of porridge, cottage cheese and a milk coffee. I felt sloppy, weak and sleepy. I was still hungry so I had more porridge around 12pm and still felt LOW.

On the other hand on Thursday, I arrived home tired and desperate to sleep. I had a coffee to maintain myself awake till lunch time then I had a high protein meal, 500g of lean turkey and broccoli and cauliflower. The result was that I was alert and ready to go, I felt great, full of energy.

2- Wrong training planning: After Xmas, I had to lose 5kg and at the same time train really hard to be ready to compete to the BJJ European Championship.As I came back from the European Championship at the end of January, I kept training hard and harder without mental or physical break. The break after a competition, is important and necessary to recover and unwind. Not relaxing and easing myself back to training has a cost...you reach a point that your mind and then body cannot keep up!

3- Mentally Burnout: Coming back from the competition, I just thought about getting better so I kept on training hard as if I had to compete again. I never had that mental "break", which I understood later is necessary, "vital"...I believe my physical breakdown was preceded by feeling mentally burnout!

4- Physically exhausted: I believe the body does what the mind says, if my mind does not order, my body does not respond. I train hard enough to pull one workout after the other, so I am mentally tough, but IF the desire to push is not there...there is little my body can do.
What is the take?When we say that everything is linked, it is not a joke! As you read above, being exhausted had a direct impact on my work. My mental and physical exhaustion can also be accentuated by the food I eat.
Guys pay attention to what you eat, as depending on your activity it will benefit you or bring you down. To eat a lot of porridge before a long bike ride is a wonderful idea, but the same meal before sitting down to study is not that great...

Surely one if not the Best of the History of BJJ Xande Ribeiro...

Surely one if not the Best of the History of BJJ Xande Ribeiro...