A few of the good things my clients have said about me on Facebook. More here.

Daddy is such a dedicated PT, he strives for perfection in his own training but also when teaching classes or doing personal training sessions. He works you hard, pushes you past the limits you’ve mentally set yourself and motivates you to succeed! I would have never had the confidence to train upstairs in the free weights section if it wasn’t for his encouragement and personal programme he designed for me! His spin classes are by far the hardest I’ve ever done in various gyms over the years. He makes every class harder than the last, it never gets easier because he is always pushing you to get stronger every session. I also love the mix of his kettlebell and bodyweight classes because it challenges me! Great PT, motivator and all round guy!
— Laura Bounden, Facebook Review
He takes a whole of life, professional approach to coaching and training. He’s a natural and gifted teacher and he’s taught me so much in 4 months it’s hard to describe it here. He’s not personal trainer. He’s a gifted coach and I know I’m privileged to train with him.
Daddy had taught me that training is journey and fitness isn’t a destination. I train now as part of a team. This team philosophy means I’m surrounded with like minded people who also train hard, support and encourage me. I’ve learned I’m stubborn, that I’m a good strong cyclist and that failure is the point we learn and not the point we give up (read full review on Facebook).
— Lisa Alston, Facebook review
My inspiration. Has taught me well and continues to offer strength and support.
— Carly Peart (aka Carly Rowena Cosmopolitan magazine's Fitness Blogger of the Year 2015) Facebook review
Daddy is by far the best trainer in Norwich, he is truly dedicated to anyone that is interested in fitness, be it his clients or anyone taking part in his classes, he always makes time to help with any training questions. He has been my trainer for a few years and I would highly recommend him. He pushes you to limits you did not know existed, and is always 5 steps ahead so you have someone to chase down and goals to work towards.
— Rachel Glegg, Facebook review
I’ve worked with and known Daddy for over 3yrs now, he is the most dedicated and passionate personal trainer and hardest spin instructor in Norwich. Try his class if you dare!!!!
— Andy Hunter, Manager 24/7 Fitness Norwich, Facebook Review
Daddy is the most dedicated PT I have ever had. He is serious about his training, both personal and with his clients. If you want to see results in body transformation, Daddy is the PT to have.
— Gurvinder Tatra, Facebook Review
Daddy has been great for me over the last 2 years, he pushes me all the time which is what I need. Helped me loads with the injures I’ve had, from shoulder to my back, top dog is daddy
— Adrian Everett , Facebook Review
I have been training with daddy about two years now. I’ve done boxing, tai boxing, but my favourite is Brazilian jujitsu. Daddy has won many competitions in both England and abroad. I have private lessons with daddy which I have found to be great value for money and a fast learning curve although I enjoy his classes too. If you want to be pushed out of your comfort zone and progress quickly... this is the man you want to train with.
highly recommended to anyone who wants to see quick results. Oh and he’s one of the most patient teachers I’ve ever had.
— Joseph Shanley, Facebook review
I have known Daddy for almost 6 years and have trained with him both as a class instructor and a PT. Daddy is very honest and very true to the Train For Life philosophy. If you are doing something wrong, he will tell you but also show you the correct way. Daddy as a PT took me out of my comfort zone and taught me different things I would have never done by myself. As a class instructor, he suffers with us by taking part in the classes. I’m not going to lie, sometimes at the start of the class when we get told what we’re doing, I wish I stayed in bed. But by the end, I’m glad I came.
— Emma Murphy, Facebook Review