Personal training and group fitness sessions in Norwich, UK 
with Daddy Kabuiku, personal trainer level 4. 


It won't be easy but it will be worth it.


Training with me is not for the faint hearted. I am demanding. I expect dedication and commitment from my clients, because this is a vital part of reaching your goals. Train For Life will make fitness and good nutrition part of your lifestyle. It's about joining a community of great people who will inspire and support you. And it's about achieving far more than you've ever believed you're capable of. 

Get started by arranging a personal training session or joining a class.

If you want to be pushed out of your comfort zone and progress quickly... this is the man you want to train with. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to see quick results.
— Joseph Shanley, Facebook Review
Motivational and genuine. His workouts are tough but make you proud of what your body can achieve. He singlehandedly taught me to love fitness and believes in you and your fitness goals.
— Em Ruddick, Facebook review
Daddy is a great motivator and all round excellent trainer. He will push you hard and always ensures you get the most out of a workout. Daddy is genuinely very hard working, he is always involved in training with you and will never ask you to do something that he would not do himself.
— Tim Allen, Facebook review
An absolutely amazing and extremely knowledgeable PT, he has and still is teaching me a huge amount about exercise, technique, diet and confidence in the gym. I’m challenged each and every session and I’m so very glad I have met him! ★★★★★
— Heidi Thacker, Facebook Review