Week of 14th of March, "Enjoy What You Do, but keep the balance..."


MONDAY 6-6.45am Tabata 6.45-7.30amWk1: 2' row 568mWk2:4 1' Thruster/10" rest-1' burpees/10"rest R1 18/18-R2 17/18 R15/20-9/22Wk3: Row 2':590mWk4:25" to do 10 FS and 15" to do 10 push ups/10" restRow:611mThe Tabata class felt good, no pain just hard work.
BJJ Sparring 8-9pm
4 5 55kg clean to thrusters and GM3 7 90kg squat. Bar felt good and strong4 5 60kg FS/10 50kg lat pull downHappy of reaction of back and legs, just have to be careful with cleans as they pull on the rhomboid
kettlebell Wk1: 1' swing clean to squat/10" rest-1' burpees/10"rest R1 Wk2: 4 30" AS and 10 push ups3 30" open close and legs only40' spinA good day

HIIT 6.45-7.30am with 55kg

3 10' Wk

Wk1: 21, 18,15, 12, 9,6 3 lunges and burpees

Wk2: 5 clean to thruster, 150m row.completed R4 1 c&T

Wk3: 5 JP, 5 deadlift, 150m row.R6 50m


6.45-7.30am kettlebellWk1 21 snatches, 10 burpees. R3 4 burpees Wk2 10 clean to squat 150m row, remove 2 each round.R4 CTWk3: 10 burpees 500m bike. R5



4 10 90kg BS. Felt strong#NEXT 7 95kg

20' row with altitude mask 12000

Wk1: 5 Thrusters, 10 Burpees.150m row 50kg. R4 1 Bu

Wk2: 10 JP, 5 Burpees, 150m row 50kg.R4 4 bu

1H spin.

I really enjoyed the conditioning and the spin, as I managed to do some heavy squats without feeling my back, then in the HIIT session, the 2 10' workouts with altitude mask a 12000 ft were bearable.

Still some claustrophobic moments but I feel I am doing better. Finally the spin was hard, not so much in the class as I enjoy the high resistance workouts. It was later, I had sore legs almost the whole day and no headache, but sleepy.


Fitness, Rest and Work:

Fitness: My fitness is definitely on the high, I am now working with 60kg instead of 50kg in my HIIT session. I am really happy about it. I also manage on Sunday to do the HIIT workouts with the altitude mask at 12000ft then I went to spin for a hour.My lower back, as well as my shoulders and knees are responding so I enjoy each minute of each session.
Rest and Work: Rest: I follow the line of listening to my body, so I generally rest and relax the necessary.
The work:I am happy with the way things are going, but I feel I need to refocus a bit. As sometimes things change really quickly and you are surprised by the outcomes when you don't interpret or anticipate the changes.


I decided to put an end to the #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs approach as an experiment and adopt it as my official way of eating.

I feel comfortable eating that way, I am rarely hungry and my energy levels are always high . I also don't like to be on the scale each day, it kind of creates an unhealthy tension.

"What is important is how you feel and look and not how much you weigh", unless you are competing and need to make a required weight.

I decided to weigh myself 1-2 /week.


" Enjoy What You Do, but keep the balance"

I normally go to bed exhausted wishing I can sleep more but also excited as I am thinking about all the things I will do the following day.

Rise and shine, is how I start the day, I get up to Conquer...

5-6.30am BJJ with my training partner Luke 4 times/week, in fact we start training at 5.15-20am as we spend 15' chatting. At first I thought it was being lazy, but I figured out that it is healthy. We train a lot together, this chatting time is about us building our friendship, getting to know each other.

From 6.30-7.30am, I either run and participate in a Tabata/HIIT/Kettlebell or spin class or I PT, either way I enjoy. On one hand the atmosphere of competition in the classes is great and helps me to improve on the other hand  to see my clients working hard and achieve their goals is really satisfying.

After 7.30am, I have more pt sessions or time to read, write on my blog, or study.

Mid morning the easiest and most relaxing part of my day is behind. I am back home and spend the rest of the day with my two boys. I look forward to be with them, but in all honesty a 3 1/2 and a 2yo are "REAL HARD WORK".

6pm I am back at work for a couple of hours and then back home to put my boys to sleep and around 9pm ( the exact time I am writing now), I finally have time for myself, but just a short amount of time as I have to go to sleep and start all over again.


" Enjoy What You, but keep the balance"  is me running during the whole day towards something appealing. Before going to bed I imagine what I will do in BJJ, after BJJ I look forward my following training session and to see my clients, then I want to be with my boys...then I have "too much" of my kids and want some time alone with myself...

Finally I look behind and realize that I am desperate to sleep. The sleep is for me a reward and a necessity as I want to do everything again when I wake up!

Keep the balance refers to the fact that a balance is needed in your activities, in order to enjoy.

One month ago, I was doing a lot on little sleep and quickly realized that it wasn't  working. Now I pay more attention to my rest, the result is that I everything MORE.

As explained during this post, the idea is to demonstrate that the TrainForLifePhilosophy #TrainForLifeWayOfLife is to apply some common sense in your training and make each session counts. Bear in mind that, the rule explained above can be at a certain extent applied in everyday life...


3 years ago, competition day still smiling... 

3 years ago, competition day still smiling...