Week of 28-3rd April: THE FAT LAZY WEEK

"TIME OFF IS TO REST AND RELAX"...As in the previous post, I will not focus on my training but more on the mental approach. As I wrote  "TIME OFF IS TO REST AND RELAX"..., and it is exactly what I did. It is necessary to relax from time to time, it is vital...

MONDAY: double training session


THURSDAY: Bjj light drills and Kettle bell

FRIDAY: Conditioning and 45' spin. Hurt my right calf while squatting.


SUNDAY: Conditioning felt good even with the altitude mask. I feel strong and rested.


Nutrition: I was really bad, I started the week at 86.5kg but on Sunday morning when my sons got up, we went for a "Easter Eggs Hunt", so the first thing I ate from Sunday till Wednesday has been chocolate or cakes. During the week of the 28th 70% of my nutrition was made of chocolate or cakes.

I was 88.8kg on Tuesday around 90.5kg on Thursday...

Fitness: It felt good to be back to train even OVERWEIGHT, I was 2-3kg heavier than usual but just felt slow, not too uncomfortable. I was also full of energy and enthusiastic, the time off did me good.

Rest: I rested a lot during the week, getting up as late as I cod and enjoying naps in the afternoons. I also stayed away from work and spent time reading mangas, watching cartoons and playing with the boys.

Work: I cut myself off the world, no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. On top of that I did not read any books related to nutrition or fitness...

"TIME OFF IS TO REST AND RELAX"...What is described above is nothing to be ashamed of... and I am quite proud of what I did. I work hard the whole year round to be able to enjoy my family and a proper mental and physical rest, so when the occasion arises, I just want to switch off.

Nutrition: I ate badly and paid very little to no attention to the calories, but as I am writing now, I weighed myself at 87.4kg. I am basically 900g away of my weight after 2 and a half day of CLEAN EATING. I mentally feel awesome as my body craves good food and is not interested in processed, sweet food at all!

Fitness: I came back fresh and hungry. I got frustrated when I lose a workout, so I work harder to get back to my level.

Rest: I learnt a lot these last month about resting. I am obviously older now than last year, but I am definitely having a better year. Part of it is due to the fact that, I pay more attention to my rest, I simply sleep more and accept that I can be tired!

Work: Here, I half blame myself...I should have planned better or assessed what was planned to make sure that my work is done before my vacation.

There is a famous say in the fitness industry, "you cannot out train bad nutrition habits". This also applies to everything else. Good nutrition habits are derived from PLANNING.

If you plan and put in practice in all the compartments of your life, then you will be successful, effective and happier. If you don't, you will waste a lot of Time and energy!

What is the Take?


We work hard enough the whole year round to relax when we have a deserved break. A good life is  planning 100%, working 80% if you work for someone else, 120% if you work for yourself and resting, chilling out 120% when you can.

Life is about balance, enjoyment and the necessary pain... I train hard not because I like the Pain...what I like is after the pain, the sense of achievement I feel.

I rest HARD, because I deserve it, then I get bored of being fat and lazy and I am happy to go back to my grueling fitness routines...

let me know if you agree or four it differently... 

As explained during this post, the idea is to demonstrate that the TrainForLifePhilosophy #TrainForLifeWayOfLife is to apply some common sense in your training and make each session counts. Bear in mind that, the rule explained above can be at a certain extent applied in everyday life...

At Euro 2012, with the Legend Roger Gracie

At Euro 2012, with the Legend Roger Gracie

After winning Gold in my bracket and Silver a Blue a Belt Absolute in BJJ EURO 2012

After winning Gold in my bracket and Silver a Blue a Belt Absolute in BJJ EURO 2012