#cuttingweight day 12

Rise and Shine 4.15am Friday 8th of January 2016

i got up and jump on the scale and weighed myself at 86.6kg, which is 900g more than the day before. Not happy. This got me thinking, I have to be consistent till the last day of preparation with the nutrition. 

Planned workouts: 5-6.30am BJJ drills  

6.45-7.30am spinning class

Effective workouts: BJJ drills, mainly technical, working on systems and linking techniques together.

The spin class was more intense, I am getting close to my standards.


Breakfast: a black coffee, IBCAA to sip during spin class

Post workout: around 8am cottage cheese, berries, flax and pumpkin seeds, and a banana.

Lunch: yesterday left over, beef sausage and mash

Snack: omelette and cherry tomato salad with Oliver, flax seeds and olive oil.

Dinner: lamb meat balls, roasted parsnip, carrots, chickpeas and goat cheese and pitta bread, square of dark chocolate

Drinks: 1 black, 1 white coffees, 1 green tea and 2-2.5 liters of water.


The BJJ session was good as we start to fill all the gaps in our game. We can now visualise the take down, the half guard pass or inverted Delariva pass to side control or North South submission.

The spin felt good. Heavy legs at the beginning then I started to see myself going for it.

Day 12 conclusions:

From a physique perspective, I received a wake up call, my weight loss has slowed down. Why? simply because I am too relax and think it is done. Now I know it isn't, so I am going to get back at it seriously.

As a first step, I divided my meals as follows 3-4 400 calories meals and snacks during the day and 900 calories for the dinner at night. I already designed the meals, so I am good to go. 

Nevertheless, I will monitor the impact on swimming, as when I weighed myself after lunch I was dead at 86kg, 300g over yesterday first thing in the morning. 

The recovery has improved but I have to admit that I was slow and sluggish during the BJJ session.

I hurt my neck so I will not train BJJ tomorrow, I will do some conditioning instead.

Tomorrow is when I restart the nutrition again, I now need to Lose 1kg and sit there for two weeks...

My best friend Aziz, 2015 BJJ European champion at purple belt level...Oss

My best friend Aziz, 2015 BJJ European champion at purple belt level...Oss