#cuttingweight day 11

Rise and Shine 4.15am Thursday 7th of January 2016

Planned workouts: 5-6.30am BJJ drills and sparring 

6.45-7.30am Kettlebell class:

6.30-7.30pm: swimming class

Effective workouts: conditioning and Kettlebell class.

my teammate overslept...so I went to lift weight

I managed 4 8 of 100kg back squat unbroken, 1 rep more than yesterday. I am enjoying to lift more and more.

4 sets of 5 60kg FATZ grip stiff legs deadlift superset with 10 15kg lift the plate.

4 sets of 10 4010 20kg  gluteus bridges.

4 sets of 10 25kg high pull/10 15kg cable single arm row.

Kettlebell class consisted of 3 10 minutes workout (24kg)

Wk1: 5 walking forward/backward double arm swing, 5 open close squat, 5 push ups add 5 swings each round.

Wk2: 5 snatches with left/right 3 shuttle run, 5 Burpees, 3 shuttle run back to Kettlebell, 5 Burpees and start again.

Wk3: wk1+ wk2


Breakfast: a black coffee

Post workout: around 8am cottage cheese, berries, flax and pumpkin seeds, 

Lunch: salad with pink salmon, feta cheese, flax and pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes

Snack: Chicken breast, broccoli and cauliflower, left over of yesterday beans and mustard

post workout: whey protein and a banana

Dinner: Beef sausages with onion and tomato sauces and mash potatoes, square of dark chocolate 

Drinks: 1 black, 1 white coffees, 1 green tea and 2-2.5 liters of water.


Both conditioning and Kettlebell felt awesome, last year at the same period I used to squat 120-140kg 5 times a week and keep on with 45' HIIT. I felt a bit like last year, I feel that I can, I am moving forward again.

This is the first time I feel fit again in months so I am really happy.

Day 10 conclusions:

From a physique perspective, I weighed myself first thing in the morning and was 85.7kg so I am satisfied. To my surprise, I weighed 86.6kg at night After dinner before going to bed. I am intrigued as I   Had 3 training sessions today including an hour swim.

Swimming is the only thing that I haven't done so far, does it have any kind of influence (the water I swallow, not sweating and feeling thirsty afterward??) 

The massive difference today is at a recovery level, I double up training sessions and I am fine. Today was my third triple session day of the week and I feel as I trained only once today. I recover faster and better.

Tomorrow will be a test of recovery,  let see how my body reacts to today sessions. On the other hand let see if the weight gain is confirmed...

Back into proper lifts... 

Back into proper lifts...