#cuttingweight day 24 or D DAY-2

Rise and shine 4.am Wednesday 20th of January. I jumped on the scale and was 84.9kg, I now check the weight as a habit, but I am not really bothered now, as I know that Friday and Saturday I will control my food to the extreme before I go to war.

5.-6.30 BJJ: drills and more techniques

6.45-7.30am HIIT session

3 10' workouts,

Wk1: 10 push ups, Burpees and jump squat, remove 1each round, completed in 5'33" then restarted up to round 7.

Wk2: 10 squat , 6 lunges, 5 rows, 250m row

Wk3: 7  squat, 10 deadlifts, 10 Burpees, 250m row


Breakfast: lentils and couscous, almonds with a black coffee.

Post workout: IBCAA, and a bowl of porridge a white coffee.

Lunch: Beans and couscous

Snack:  white coffee

Dinner: rice, red beans and turkey mince with a red pepper, tomato and onion sauce and some cottage cheese and half a piece of chocolate.


Feeling better, the BJJ was good and harder. Luke knows me upside down, so finds counter to all my favorites moves. It really makes me improve the moves in order to get to the position.

Thanks to him I added a new half guard pass to my arsenal and manage to include the Leg weave without releasing pressure when I set it up.

In the HIIT session, I saw that my cardio and coordination are good, I am tired though.  

A positive morning.

The food was awesome today, I really enjoy having so many carbs! 


I feel at peace, really relaxed... 

This is it, tomorrow will be my last BJJ session, the focus will be on working my main take down, controls and submissions.  

No more conditioning, instead I will see Josh, my swimming instructor for a sport massage.  

A quick check on the scale and I go to bed...I don't like what I see...my weight went up over a kilo...  

Basicaly I made a gamble, I wanted to do some carbs loading to replenish my glycogen stores, so I ate a lot of starchy carbs and it backfired.

A bit pissed off, but I learnt something more, so tomorrow I will restrict to suppress all starchy and may do the same Friday and Saturday. I will check the weight tomorrow and assess the extent of the damage. 


My state of mind...Peace and Love...Saturday we take no prisoners  

My state of mind...Peace and Love...Saturday we take no prisoners