#cuttingweight Day 25 or D Day -1

Rise and shine 4.am Thursday 21st of January. On the scale and was 85.5kg, a kilo difference between yesterday and this morning. In other words the carbs loading experiment teaches me that you need to reach your weight goal and give yourself a margin of 500g-1kg to avoid surprises.

5.-6.30 BJJ: drills and more techniques

Today we focused on my favorite techniques, the ones I used when I fight and we add some simple combinations. 

We reinforce my game plan, which is based on control and pressure.  



Breakfast: cottage cheese, almonds and white coffee.

Post workout: IBCAA, and a bowl of porridge a white coffee.

Lunch: Yesterday left over, very little rice, red beans and turkey mince with a red pepper, tomato and onion sauce.

Snack: 2 boiled eggs, pink salmon salad with cherry tomato, cucumber, olives white coffee

Dinner: salad with pilchard, tomatoes, olives and cucumber, olive oil and half a piece of chocolate.


Today was good, I received a lot of positive vibes.

A massive thanks to Luke Platten, my humble training partner. He is purple belt t Icon BJJ Norwich and he helped and taught me some BJJ techniques and helped improve my own game you challenging me while sparring and looking answers in order to make my life HARDER, in order to make US BOTH BETTER.

Thanks to Josh my swimming instructor, the fact that you talked about me to your son made me feel stronger.

My mission is to inspire, to demonstrate that "impossible is NOTHING" , if you are ready to put the effort, I you are passionate about what you do and if you are surrounded by the right people.

I feel, I have all the winning ingredients. I have been there before, after I got a massive challenge and most of the time it went my way, so I am there again and I love it as you guys make feel loved.

Thanks to Rachel, Andy, Chloe, Carly, Sue, Daniel, Emma, Aaron, Johnny, Josh K and Milo , Noah and Susanna. In fact my boys and my wife are those who deal with the pressure of having a stressed father and husband at home. Nevertheless, they are supportive, motivating and inspiring.

I feel good and blessed, I feel the love and the appreciation.



Peace and Love..