6 Myths surrounding Fasting/Myth 3

Myth 3: Fasting causes low blood sugar!
During fasting, our bodies begin by breaking down glycogen in the liver to provide glucose. This phenomenon happens "every" as we sleep to keep blood sugars normal as we Fast overnights.

The myth of brain cells can only use glucose as energy is totally incorrect!
After the glucose is depleted, the body switches to fat burning mode and produce Ketones, a particle that is used to fuel the brain.

We can all agree that in normal circumstances, not eating for 12-16hours (=Fasting) does not make us feel LOW, especially when we are busy!
If you have your dinner at 6-7pm and breakfast around 7am, you have been fasting for 12 hours AND IF YOU Skip breakfast then you have been through 16-18hours fast.
After 16-17 hour without food, you may feel hungry as it is your normal eating time, so your body will prepare for the meal to come by triggering hormonal responses such as saliva secretion...But if you get busy, you forget about hunger, you stay sharp, focused in what you do and don't feel any kind of discomfort at all!

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