How to get a more efficient 16/8 Fasting protocol experience

While intermittent fasting, the fat burning occurs between 6-12 hours Window. This the post absorbing range. In order to make sure you burn  more Fat. Check the following 3 tips.

1. Eat  Later

The longer you Fast the longer you burn fat. This is logic!

I try to eat my last meal for 6.30-7pm, which means that the next day I can eat at 10.30 or 11am BUT I generally don't (Unless I am starving or feel I NEED TO EAT).

I am generally not even Hungry, I push the fast till minimum 1pm and depending on how I feel I go 18,19 hours or even 23 hours and complete an OMAD (one meal a day 23/1h).

This is my Life, my kids, being busy getting in the way. The busyness lead to feel No hunger and Fast longer AND BURN MORE FAT!

2. Go low Refined/Processed Carbs and Moderate Protein and More Fat!

The Simple and easy way to do that would be to eat more veggies and less bread, pasta, rice.

Cook with Ghee, butter, coconut oil and have more fresh salads with olive oil.

Why? The body main source of energy is carbs which transforms into glycogen after we eat them. It is the body FIRST SOURCE OF ENERGY. In order for the body to feed on Fat, we need these Glycogen stores to be depleted. So eating less Refined/Processed carbs and more Fat the body will attack your fat stores earlier.

Fat food is satiating, it is a Hunger Suppressor! If hungry, eat fat rich food such as a boiled egg, almond butter teas spoon or drink a tea spoon of MCT oil!

3. Exercise!

To exercise is the fastest way for your body to use the glycogen stores and switch into Fat burning.

Secondly, exercising help you build muscles and the more muscles you have the Higher your Metabolism and the more Calories you need JUST TO EXIST!

Thirdly You look Better, get Stronger and Healthier!