16/8 My Favourite Fasting Protocol

Benefits of 16/8 fasting protocol backed up by research.

I am a huge advocate of the 16 hours fasting and 8 hours eating Window.

I believe that it is the protocol that adapts the best to people Lifestyle in general. Nevertheless I advocate to be flexible, some days I get to Fast longer or even only have One Meal A Day (OMAD).

The different type of fasting:

1. The lengthy ones

2. Shorter

The long Fasting protocol include the OMAD, which consists of 23 hours fasting/1h eating Window.

The 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days fasting.

The protocols above have enormous health benefits but are hard to follow due to our social life, family obligations or simply because it is hard to get our bodies ready to cope with this time without food!

My Favourite protocol is the 16/8

I have experienced the 24 hours and the OMAD and I enjoyed them. Nevertheless, they don't fit the bill for me as they are not sustainable!

The 16/8 is basically having my last meal before 7pm and my first meal the following day after 11am. IN OTHER WORDS, I JUST NEED TO SKIP THE BREAKFAST. Generally you end up fasting longer!

What are the benefits of the 16/8?

The video below explains that you lose more body fat that than people who are not fasting and eat the Exact same amount of calories.

You boost your metabolism!

You become Fat adapted, meaning your body feeds on your fat and not on external food!

It allows a healthy and balanced social life!

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