Tips Of The Week

"Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity". Seneca  

I totally believe in that concept and it does make sense to me. Anytime I had a Big Challenge ahead of Me and looked back at How/Why I overcame it, Luck seemed to have been BY MY SIDE. BUT I LOOKED CLOSER AND I REALISED THAT, SOMEHOW I FORCED MY OWN LUCK. 

Let Be Specific, I remember back in the 2007 I had a my first Thai Boxing competitive fight and I was not going to leave the ring without Winning. I Was having a great fight, beating my opponent up in the first round And We get back to our corners at the end of the round. In the second round I came back with the same dynamic Till I prepared myself to throw a right hook and my opponent threw a left high kick...the rest comes from my imagination.

This means that I was out cold, KO, I realised as I found myself on the floor watching the ring ropes upside down...My OPPONENT HAD A TAE KWENDO BACKGROUND AND WASNT LUCKY, HE SEIZED HIS OPPORTUNITY. 

Months later, I found myself irony of Life (God Plans) in the same situation but this time I was fighting to become Spanish Semi Pro Thai Boxing Champion. My opponent threw a High Kick and I slightly moved almost instinctively and it bounced on my right shoulder.  

I kept on fighting and eventually won the fight and become Spanish Champion. 

What is the take? 

Luck? not really, most likely a repeat of past situation, in other words we generally somehow prepare ourselves for the possible opportunity to come. 

As I am a Positive and Proactive person, it is how I see the things. To me Luck is more a predisposition as I have somehow prepared myself to MAKE THING HAPPEN WHEN THE TIME ARISES.