Quote Of The Week

When I am With YOU, I AM STANDING IN AN ARMY... E, Goulding. 


No, no I am not a fan of E Goulding but I definitely agree with the title of that song. When I used to train on my own and compete for myself I was achieving stuffs. I was progressing slowly and winning a bit. The day I understood that I was part of the team, a clan, a crew an Army, things started to change drastically. 

I used to play football till my early twenties and I was often frustrated as I felt I was working harder than some of my teammates. I eventually quit playing and started Thai-Boxing, I thought that doing a Martial Art where you are totally accountable for your mistakes was the way to go.

At first I didn't realise that Thai-Boxing was a TEAM BUSINESS, I just saw myself on the ring, running on my own, obsessed with my OWN TRAINING...I JUST SAW ME, ME, ME...  

I was pretty good, I won after 7 months of practice with no previous background the Spanish Semi-Pro Thai-Boxing Championship.

Thanks to my first sonorous LOSS BY KO and the reaction of my coach and my teammates, I REALISED THAT I WAS NEVER ALONE. 

Bernardo my coach, he was and is STILL LIKE A FATHER TO ME, HE TOLD ME: "When You Lost Part of Me Lost With You, I Felt Your Pain..."  

Since that day I know that I NEVER WALKED ALONE. When I go to train even if I am on my Own, I Feel The Support, When I Compete I know I REPRESENT MY PEOPLE, MY FAMILY, MY CREW. 

WHERE I REALLY FEEL IN AN ARMY IS WHEN I TAKE THE SPIN CLASS AND I AM SURROUNDED BY MY OFFICIALS, Rachel, Daniel, Kirsten and Paul and the other soldiers, Lucy, Emma, Anita.... 

Theses guys push me, make better, hungrier...I would definitely go to war with them! 

You Can Only Do So Much On Your Own, Surround Yourself With The Right People And YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE!