Intermittent Fasting from Monday 26th of November to Monday 3rd of December

This is it! I achieved what I wanted to, which is to create a habit that works for me, in other words My Lifestyle.

I am now back to where I wanted to be psychologically and physically, I still have some work to do to look as good as I want to...yes a bit of Vanity has never killed anyone! 

Nevertheless, I feel really good. 

I am mentally Sound, Sharp and generally Calm. 

Being mentally sound is related to feeling balanced and happy with the decisions I made about not eating for 20 hours on average. I bought into the idea that Intermittent Fasting IF, is good for me and I really feel good for doing it!

My mental sharpness is really noticeable to me, I made few other changes in my routine which combine to IF make me Mentally Sharper. The main change is that I read and Listen MORE. I am more receptive to the Goodness the Outside World can provide. 

I am way Calmer, that change is linked to the fact that I Adhere to the Concept of Less Is BETTER. I don't crowd my days with too many things to do! On the contrary I make sure I have time to do the things I like and I pay more attention to the people I am with instead of focusing on future things I long to do...

At a physical level, things look bright again. I haven't lost any strength, on the contrary. 

I don't feel Weak when I train and Most importantly, I DONT FEEL HUNGRY!! 

The last statement is quite important, I DONT FEEL HUNGRY, AND I ACTUALLY FEEL AWESOME WITHOUT FOOD. 

AFTER 20-24 Hours IF, WHEN THE PROPER HUNGER KICKS IN, I SIT DOWN AT THE TABLE AND EAT LIKE A KING! I enjoy my wife's food and Rejoice for having been without food such a long time! 

I have a Strong Body, now I want A Nicer One ... below 10% body Fat is the goal as well as 75kg (I am now 84.1kg).

There is room for Improvement as I still eat with my EYES AND IMAGINATION, meaning that 1/3 plus OF the food I eat is not needed... 


So here I am, from time to time I will keep you informed of where I am at. Now I know that I am back on the IF Wagon and really enjoying it, mixing 2 meals a day in a 20 hours/4 hours Window Warrior type of IF protocol with an One Meal A Day OMAD protocol.

It works really well for me!

Tell me about ?