Quote Of The Week

"We don't Plan to Fail, We fail to Plan!" 

This apply to many of us, the vast majority including me. In any aspects of our lives success, achievements is linked to the simple formula: plan, apply, assess and address issues if needs be! 

We plan our holiday, we plan our company next move, we plan our competition calendar...

Generally, people who plan achieve a lot and on the contrary the people who don't plan achieve way less.


I don't mention effort, as from a fitness perspective most of you are working REALLY HARD, but THEY ONLY PUT THE WORK IN HERE ( in the gym not with the nutrition) AND MOST OF THE TIME THEY PUT THE WRONG WORK! 

In order to make myself understand I will take few real life examples, 3 case study. I will name one person but not the other two. 

Case study 1: Rachel.

Rachel G is into cycling and ultra distance events on bike or else and most of the time she is on a bike as long as she can. She will have some odd conditioning sessions but MOST OF THE TIME SHE WORKS ON HER BIKE BECAUSE HER SPORT IS CYCLING. 

Her training focus totally depends on her on her competitions agenda.

Case study 2: Fiona. 

Fiona is another example, she cycles a lot because it is her passion and she is not bother about physical appearance. Nevertheless 2-3 per week she comes to the gym and does light training sessions. Mainly free weight at such a low intensity that she doesn't break a sweat.

Case study 3: Ben. 

Finally Ben trains hard and a lot, he can be in the gym for over 3 hours days and will depending on the day do as much as he feels capable  of . An example would be run in the morning followed by weight and in the afternoon, body pump and spin!

Analysis of the case study

The case study 1 is the example of what WE HAVE TO DO. Plan, organize, apply and assess the results. I have known Rachel for years now and I remember when she was doing TOO MUCH and got badly INJURED. Now she plans and focus on the important aspect of her training and get the results. 

Case study 2: Fiona.

Here we have the example of someone who could get better results for the times spent in the gym if she had a clear idea of what she wants to achieve. Right here you have to wonder if your time is precious, if it is you may decide to spend more time doing other things you like than wasting your time  in the gym! 

Case 3: Ben. 

Ben should get the best results if we just focus on input (time and training intensity ), but Ben is actually getting the least benefits of the 3. 

Why? Unlike Ben.

You need to know what you want to achieve in order to design your training plan.

You cannot train based only on impulse,  (I ate too much yesterday so I will train 4 hours today).

You train when you are totally exhausted.

You try new routines every so often.

You chose training partners that don't fit the bill..."If I want to get better on the spin bike, I surround myself with people like Paul, Rachel or Daniel, proper cyclists who are going to push me. On the other hand, to lift more weight I will train with Andy the GM.

In other words don't pick someone who is less fit than you and cannot inspire or challenge You!