My window to the world: Week of the 15th to 22nd of August


"The perfect day"

Sunday the 21st was for me a perfect my perfect days certain elements are included, like working or studying, training, spending time with my family and friends and praying.

Last Sunday all the important elements were present and made of the day something different, awesome, perfect.


I had a decent night on Saturday and was looking forward Sunday triple training session. The truth is that I was excited and anxious as I knew it would hurt...and it did!


From 7-7.50m, I was at the UEA swimming pool doing some drills and pool lengths, trying not to think too much about the 8.30-9.30am conditioning session.


8.30-9.30am, I arrived at the gym to find the crew, Tracey, Kirsten, Emma, Greg, Tim and Paul , MY ARMY.

I used to to say and repeat that the number is nothing compared to the quality of the cast and these guys are "quality" and fierce competitors.

We embarked ourselves in a 15 minutes free weight workout, followed by a 15' heavy Kettlebell routine and finally 10' body weight as we were running out of time.

It was "painfully enjoyable", and the hardest was to think about what was coming our way ...


10.30-11.30am spin class... The truth is that I wasn't on the bike for the whole hour as I had to tidy the weights and Kettlebells.

Nevertheless, the time I spent on the bike felt like an eternity.


10.35am on the spin studio floor swimming in my sweat, chatting with Paul and Tim about  how tough was the morning and the BBQ.

That exact moment was quality! We suffered together, we were now laughing, exhausted  proud and looking forward to share an afternoon meal surrounded by our families.


10.45am, I dragged myself to the shower, then jumped in the car to finally make it home. There I reunited with my wife Susannah, my sons Milo and Noah...half an hour later we were en route to the Train For Life Summer BBQ.


The BBQ went well thanks to James the owner of the Eagle, he supervised and made sure that everything was up and running before leaving us.


It was a wonderful day, the kids were running, laughing and playing with each other  while the adults were chatting, drinking and eating.


Simply put, it was THE PERFECT DAY!

Be part of a supportive community! 

Be part of a supportive community!