My window to the world, Week of 8th to 14th of August


The Beauty, the Ugly, the Beasts and the Ugly Beast

What inspired me this week is our body language while we train, what we transmit, how we interact, and influence others.


The Beauty is that person who comes to the gym to train, attend a class or socialise. Normally that person is all "GEARD",  wearing the latest trainers, the trendiest pair of leggings or vest, make up on, cup on...READY FOR THE CAT WALK...

That person generally looks as good at the beginning of her/his workout as at the end of the mentioned workout.

That person didn't understand the meaning of "Look like A Beauty Lift Like a Beast"!


The Ugly is the most beautiful person you can meet on the gym floor, or in a class. It is that person who inspires you, that person who is so committed to her/his workout that She/he forgets about her/his physical appearance.

That person knows that how you look on the gym floor is secondary, what is important is how you are perceived. How your peers, training partners appreciate and respect you for your fitness and physical achievements.


The Beast is what we have inside, that monster that sleeps inside ourselves, who gets up from time to time or often when well trained in order to push us to our limits and beyond.

My best definition of the Beast is "WILL POWER". I meet and see on daily basis people with very strong WILL POWER and what has surprised me the most during these years is that you find totally  different people that possess a very STRONG WILL POWER.

You will have really extroverted, angry, aggressive people and on the other hand, calm, quiet, sweet, and even shy people.

I am, as a matter of fact extroverted, angry, aggressive in my approach to training and others like Tim are QUIET, Paul is COMPOSED, Rachel is a FIERCE competitor but shy,  Kirsten is sweet and driven, Aaron is as Angry As Neil...both are examples of work ethic.

In my numerous spin classes I am generally amazed by the women who join the class for the first time and work so hard that it brings TEARS OF JOY IN MY EYES, Nicola from Newcastle is one of this person that I find highly INSPIRING.

She is somebody who shines by putting such effort and showing full commitment... Someone who sets free her BEAST TO GO BEYOND HER LIMITS!


The Ugly Beast is a state, a state we want to reach each and every time we start a workout. I train almost twice on a daily basis, six times a week and no matter how long I train, I need to release my BEAST, I need to get to the Ugly Beast Mode.

It is hard to be motivated all the time, this is why it is important to surround yourself by people who inspire you and help to give the best of you.

No matter how many people, JUST QUALITY PEOPLE. As a matter of fact, yesterday spin at 9.30am, we were a handful of people but we gave such a fight, worked so hard that it was satisfying to be part of it, to end up sweaty, broken , tired BUT SO ALIVE AND PROUD.



The right thing to do when you train is to give your all, the training ground is a very democratic place. In fact people, are judged for what they can achieve while training, nobody think about which car they drive, what job they do...

You are assessed, appreciated, respected for what you can do AND THE UGLIER YOU LOOK AS YOU DO IT, THE BETTER!

Breathing HARD

Breathing HARD

Trying to Breathe... 

Trying to Breathe...