May 21-23rd

"Family first, then Obligation and Passion..." 

Saturday 21st, I got up at 6am went to Train and then delivered 3 pt sessions and a spin class.

11am, I jumped back in the car, back home to eat sort myself out, throw the bags in the boot, put kids and wife in the car and off we went for a 4 hour journey to visit the kids "Grand parents" .

My children grand Parents are really important in our lives and my boys love them, so to spend hours on the motorway is nothing compare to the time spent with them. 


Sunday 22nd 7am, awoken by the boys! time to get ready for breakfast and then it is kids time.  

10.30-2pm, we went to a soft play then to the beach. The kids just didn't stop running, jumping, running, rolling in the sand, screaming... 

I just hope they are exhausted, thinking about the journey home. ..

4pm, I had a nap, as I was exhausted and I had to be fresh to drive back home. 

6.12pm, we bid farewell to the Grand Parents and jumped in the car. The kids were already in Pyjamas... 

10.10pm, we were back home! 

10.20pm, the kids were snoring their head off... 

Monday 6.30a, I leave a silent house and head to get on with my working day. The day starts with an intense body weight class, followed by 4 pt sessions and a spin class.

I feel awesome as I managed to spend quality time with the family and now I am doing what I like the most, to train and develop people...