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The idea of writing about nutrition comes from the confusion I experienced. I am a level 4 personal trainer and half way to get my nutritionist certification. The truth been told, there is so many contradictions when it comes down to food that you don't know who to believe.

I think that reading and trying on myself is the best way to understand and to make sense of the information I gathered.

I am gonna talk about fat and start by saying that Lorain Cordain, Ph.D and author of "The Paleo Diet" states that saturated fat is bad for us while Barry Groves author of "Eat Fat Get Thin!" does say the exact opposite!!!

7. The fat:

I started a week ago a high fat high protein diet. I passed from ingesting 2500-2700 calories from the 28th of December to the 22nd of January 2016, to a whooping 3500-3700 calories since the 1st of February 2016.

Since the first of February my fat intake is as its highest, I introduced mayonnaise in my  menu, I eat more fish, such as kipper, herrings, sprats, eggs, butter, coconut oil and dairy, milk and cheese. On the other hand I have reduced the amount of nuts and seeds in my diet.

In other words, I am having more saturated fat than mono or polyunsaturated fat, I cook with butter or coconut oil and I "now" drink coffee with milk. I used to drink black coffee.

My weight oscillates around 85.3 to 86.3kg. In contrast a month ago I was 85-85.5kg, unhappy, starving and eating 2500 calories worth of healthy mono and polyunsaturated.

To be honest, I am confused, I eat more, I eat what I want and I weigh more or less the same without calorie restriction. My energy levels are high, my mood is optimum and I enjoy eating. On top of that my physical appearance is the same... I am not growing a belly...

8. Food compatibility list:

This point is important, I learnt that we react differently to food. This means that some food will have a positive effect on me while others will just sap my energy.

As a matter of fact, the bread is a food which does not work with me. If I eat bread, I crave more bread and I keep on eating without control, on the other hand the scrambled eggs do satiate me and make me feel good.

It is important to know which food is compatible with you. As soon as you feel discomfort after eating a certain food, you should eat that food again. When your suspicions are confirmed you simply remove that food from your menu.

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9. Food quantity approach

10. The Drinks

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Looks good, taste awesome...is it really good?? 

Looks good, taste awesome...is it really good??