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Thoughts 9 & 10

This the final chapter before we move on to #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs February month trial.

We will then know if eating fat makes you fat or lean!

9. Food quantity approach:

To start with, before talking about quantity let talk about calories. I do believe that to know your BMR (Basal metabolic rate) and TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) are compulsory. Let me use that analogy, " it is the same as going for a long journey in the car without knowing how much fuel you have in the tank".

You need to know how much calories you can consume in a day otherwise you will overeat.

The food quantity and the macro nutrients repartition. Divide a plate in 6 slices of equal size. 1 slice will be for the starchy carbs, 2 slices for your protein, and 3 slices for the vegetables. What about the fat? The fat takes care of itself, it will be present in the protein, eventually the sauce or dressings.

10. The Drinks:

The king of the drink is the water, 2-2.5 liters of water have to be drunk everyday. Green tea is highly recommended and coffee and milk consumption bring a diversity of opinions. Some gurus will tell you not to drink coffee or milk, others will recommend to have black coffee or coffee with cream.

I personally switched from black coffee to white coffee, it is less bitter and increase my protein intake.

The milk is for me a valuable source of protein and fat, so I only consume full fat milk.

The juices, fizzy drinks and alcohol:

Even a natural fruit juice loses part of its benefits when the pulp is lost in its preparation. Eating an orange is more beneficial than having an orange juice.

The fizzy drinks and alcohol are empty calories with very little to no benefits and on top of that they are very high in calories and low in goodness.

To come #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbsTrial it will be divided into 4 chapters corresponding to each week of the month of February. The first 5 chapters of #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs initial goal was to explain why I switched from a calorie restrictive and "unsustainable" diet to a high fat and high protein food pattern that seem to fit better to my needs.

This is a trial, in which I will share my sensations, set backs, discoveries and many failures. At the end of the trial I will state my position in regard to what I think is the a healthy way to approach food.

I will post weekly on Wednesday 10th, 17th, 24th of February and 2nd of March.


Please guys feel free to comment and share your views.

Cook from scratch and stay away from processed food

Cook from scratch and stay away from processed food