#cuttingweight day 10

 Rise and Shine 4.15am Wednesday 6th of January 2016

Planned workouts: 6.15am conditioning

6.45-7.30am HIIT class:

Effective workouts: conditioning and HIIT class spin class.

I managed 4 7 of 100kg back squat unbroken, felt strong... A feeling  I lost over the last months due to injuries.

HIIT class consisted of 3 10 minutes workout (weight 50kg)

Wk1: 10' 5 open close squat , 4 X back squat, 5 Jump Squat, 3 Shuttle Run (really hard on the legs)

Wk2: 5 Front Squat , 5 Burpees over bar, 250m row

Wk3: 5 arm row, 5 stiff leg deadlift, 5 push ups.

I Completed 4 rounds of workout 2, I was about to start 5th with 50kg bar.

I Completed 9 rounds and 3 arm  rows of workout 3, with 50kg bar and 34kg dumbbell.


Breakfast: cottage cheese, berries, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds, a black coffee

Post workout: around 8am Yesterday leftover, quinoa, chickpeas, carrot, cod fish

2nd Breakfast: a white coffee.

Lunch: porridge and whole milk

Snack: Quinoa, chickpeas, carrot, cod fish, a toast With peanut butter, 2 boiled eggs 

Dinner: turkey mince, broad beans and onions in a tomato sauce, basmati rice, and a piece of dark chocolate.

Drinks: 1 black, 1 white coffees, 1 green tea and 2-2.5 liters of water.


The training feels good and in terms of food my body asks for more food in order to go through the workouts, which are starting to be grueling. Overall, I feel strong and fitter. 

Day 10 conclusions:

From a physique perspective, I weighed myself first thing in the morning and was 85.6kg so I am satisfied.

At a conditioning level, I am now lifting decent weights, at my best I could do set of 10 120kg squats, not there yet but mangled sets of 7 with 100kg, so I am satisfied.

Tomorrow will be a test of recovery, let see how my body reacts to today sessions.


Heavy squats are back in the game... 

Heavy squats are back in the game...