#cuttingweight day 9

Rise and Shine (limp) 4.15am Tuesday 5th of January 2016

Planned workouts: 5-6.30am BJJ drills and sparring

5.15-6pm Kettlebell and 6-6.45pm spin class

Effective workouts: 5.15-6pm Cardio Kettlebell and 6-6.45pm spin class.

The BJJ session was a light session with mostly drills from spider and armbars from side control. The reason why the session was light is that I was stiff and tired. Monday really did me, I have almost no energy.

The cardio Kettlebell class was divided in 5 5' workout with basic Kettlebell techniques followed by intense body work exercises. More than 20 people in the spin class, so all the ingredients to push harder.


Breakfast: after eating so much yesterday evening, I had no appetite at all, so I had a handful of almonds and was sipping a coffe during BJJ (didn't finish it) and did not even touch the IBCAA, as the session was really light.

2nd Breakfast: around 8am Whey protein shake mixed with oats (not esoecially tasty, but not disgusting)

3rd Breakfast: around 11am 4 buttered toast and a white coffee

Lunch: 4 eggs scrambled eggs, some broccoli and cauliflower and some mustard

Snack: tuna, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, flax and pumpkin seeds, olive oil

Dinner: Quinoa with chickpeas, carrots. Onion, spinach and cod fish, cottage cheese and honey, a square of black chocolate.

Drinks: 1 black, 1 white coffees, 1 green tea and 1.5-2 liters of water


I felt slow the whole morning and not especially hungry, the food I had was spread out and look little snacks. Later on during the day I made sure that the food I eat was protein dense, as my protein intake was quite low. Drinking has been hard, I drink a lot when I train hard, today the hard sessions were late afternoon so I struggled to drink enough water.

Both training sessions were good, I did not feel the stiffness of the morning and my energy level was high. 


Day 9 conclusions:

From a physique perspective, I weighed myself right after dinner and was at 85.9kg, if the weight loss keeps on at that pace, I will have to increase my calorie intake, not to end up far too light.

At a conditioning level I did feel the difference between last week and the beginning of this one, my fitness as such is challenges as well as my capacity to recover during workouts.

At a BJJ level, thanks to Luke my training partner as well as the guys at Icon BJJ Norwich, I am learning and improving my game everyday. 

Tomorrow will be tough but I look forward to it as I need to push myself to my limits and beyond. 

Size does not matter...You just need to believe and make it happen

Size does not matter...You just need to believe and make it happen