#Cuttingweight day 8

Rise and shine 3.30am Monday 4th of January  

Weigh in first thing in the morning (no toilet stop) at 85.9kg without iPad and 86.7 with IPad in my hands. Official weigh loss of 3kg in a week. 

planned workouts:

5-6.30am BJJ drills and sparring, 6.45-7.30m Tabata class, 8-9.15pm BJJ sparring

Effective workouts: 

5-6.30am BJJ drills: Stand up, breaking the grips, half guard recovery, sparring, long step and leg weave. 

Tabata 6.45-7.30am

3 1' 5 open close squat, 3 Shuttle Run, 1 Burpee/15" recovery

5 55" 10 4010 40kg front squat/15" recovery

3 1' 5 open close squat, 3 running back, 1 Burpee/15" recovery

4 1' step up step down/15" recovery

10 20 fast /20" slow rowing intervals, averaged speed 1'39" and a total of 1851m


BJJ: The focus is on being TIGHT and control the tempo, move only when grips are established.

Conditioning: I am really happy with my first real tough session, as I was between the faster ones. Last week training did show. I felt strong and never really out of breath. In pain? YES, but I managed to keep composure and work through it. A good start. 

8-9pm BJJ sparring and drills: I was showed some knee bar drills and did some sparring. I was really tired at that point. 

Nutrition: 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, 1 handful of berries and 24 almonds, a tbs of flaxseed, a black coffee

Supplements: 10g of IBCAA while training, glucosamine (joint repair), omega 3 fish oil pill, Echinacea and vitamin C with Zinc (colds)

2nd breakfast: 50g porridge with whole milk, a whey protein shake and a black coffee. 

Lunch: yesterday left over of Marrocan chicken with chickpeas, Pasta, and couscous

Snack:  lettuce, cherry tomatoes, a tin of mackerel and a tbs of flaxseed

Dinner: chickpeas, Roasted courgettes And pepper and a banana 

Day 8 conclusion:

I felt heavy and sluggish with breakfast before training. Tomorrow I will train with an empty stomach to see the difference. 

Till mid afternoon, I did a good job by eating every 3 hours, but because I didn't plan menus wisely, I just had 700 calories for dinner. And at dinner time, I ate as much as I could, going almost 700 calories beyond my 2500 allowance. 

It felt good but I was curious to see the immediate consequences, so went on the scale...86.1kg!! 

I was amazed and a bit disturbed as I thought that I ate far too much... It seems that all the Heavy  training was paying off.  

At a physical level, I felt good during the day and collapsed at night, felt exhausted, stiff. The difference between today and last week in term of intensity is the same as passing from a jog to a sprint. 

Recovery is in order as tomorrow is another day, I am planning on eating 2700cal instead of 2500, as it is more achievable, I train 3 times a day and the weight is falling off too fast...

I tell you more tomorrow  

From being upset to be delighted. 3.2kg weight loss in a week... 

From being upset to be delighted. 3.2kg weight loss in a week...