#cuttingweight day 22

Rise and shine 4.15 Monday  18th of January. I jumped on the scale and was 84.6kg, it seems I am settling on that weight. That will do just fine, just have to control my weight 4 more days and this will be it.

5.-6.30 BJJ: drills and more techniques

6.45-7.30am Tabata session

7-8pm BJJ Sparring

Wk1: 4 times 1' 5 open close squat, shuttle run 5 open close. Add 1 OCS each round

Wk2: 4 times 15"jerk press/15" push ups

Wk3: 10 20"/10" row sprint/recovery

Wk4 3 times 1 Burpees, shuttle run 1 burpee. Add 1Bu each round

Wk5: wk1+wk3 repeated twice.


Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, a peanut butter toast and White coffee.

Post workout: IBCAA, 2 bananas and a bowl of porridge 

Lunch: last night left over of roasted vegetables, chickpeas and roasted chicken, broccoli and cauliflower a green tea.

Snack:  toast on cheese (boys left over) and white coffee.

Dinner: chilli con carne sauce, mackerel salad with olive, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, flaxseeds and olive oil.


A day of contrasts, as I felt good in regard to fitness in general and nutrition but still eat by impulse. The new nutrition habits are fought by my brain making me crave foods that I don't need as I am not hungry.


The BJJ  was relaxed as Luke had a sore neck, we drilled more and more, so it was really productive.

The conditioning was really good, as there were a good mix of speed, explosive and endurance. I felt sharp. 

The evening BJJ was the WORST possible ever, so a BLESSING IN DISGUISE. I felt nowhere, trying to blend my game, "pressure game" with the new techniques that I learnt. The result was desastrous, as I was too loose, out of rythm, clumsy.

Physically and at a cardio level, I was holding my ground.

My coach and training partners noticed and tried to reassure me, which was nice but pissed me off. 

I went to bed full of doubts, but deep inside I feel blessed and lucky. I want that Euro so bad that I am putting a lot of pressure on myself. The truth is that it comes down to a 6 minutes one on one showdown, so when the time comes, I will set my body free Enjoy and do what I do best.

I was down, really low, but will pick myself up AGAIN AND AGAIN... 

I was down, really low, but will pick myself up AGAIN AND AGAIN...