How the processed food system works? Part 2.

Frozen and ready for use!

Here the focus as Joanna Blyth puts it is on the preparation.

She details in which form the raw ingredients arrived to factories, mainly frozen and already prepared.

She also explains that all the sauces, flavours are pre mixed and in certain cases scientifically taken care of.

Finally, the big supermarkets chains that sell us these products share the same manufacturers. These manufacturers in turn share the same pool of ingredients suppliers.

One Conveyor belt, on a given day of the week, is dedicated to meals for Asda or Tesco, while another does pretty much the same for M&S and Sainsbury’s.

Did you know that in food factories almost all the meat and 80-90% of the fruit and vegetables are bought frozen.

Pre peeled frozen onions usually come from Poland and despatched to another factory to be defrosted, chopped into 10 millimetres dice, or sliced, frozen once more then resupplied ready for use.

The above process apply for potatoes or herbs.

The food manufacturers apply the same logic to cooking fruits or vegetables. The food factory place an order of pre-fried or grilled aubergines, peppers, courgettes...sliced to the ideal dimensions and have them delivered.

The practices above are time saving, nevertheless, “these pre processed labour-saving ingredients are simply NOT FRESH, and Storage has robbed them of their initial Sparkle.

What about something as delicate as the eggs?

Eggs are supplied to food manufactures in many forms, they come in powders, dried,crystallised, frozen, coagulated, with added sugar, yolk only, white only...you name it.

What you may not know is that there is THE CHEAPER option of using “EGG REPLACERS” made from from fractionated whey proteins (from Milk) WITH A SHELF LIFE OF 18 MONTHS!!

Another and more controversial example of the many short cuts taken by the food suppliers. “ Why, for instance shell out for butter when you can instead dose your recipe with 0.02 per cent butter Extract!”