The Train For Life Library

What is the Train For Life Library? 

The idea of the library occurred to me after two gifts I received from Tracey and Stuart a couple of Friend, the first gift was the book “Why We Sleep” and the second a long discussion.

Tracey gave me that book not long after the Ramadan in 2018, at a time I needed it the most. The book changed me as I realised how much TIME I have lost...did I write time? 

Some May argue that not sleeping = live more...The Truth is the opposite, the lack of sleep shortens your life...freaky? 

With Stuart, I had that 2-3 hours discussion/exchange of knowledge. He taught me that people should read more and exchange/discuss instead of meeting and asking the generic question “how was your weekend?”

These interactions with Tracey and Stuart reminded me how much I love to read, learn, discuss and share.

Reading, listening viewing is the first step, you acquire knowledge, discussing/sharing is the second step you challenge/dismantle theories and finally after sharing your newly acquired knowledge you consolidate and apply it or if you don’t agree with what you have learnt, you have discovered a New/Different point of view.

What will you find in the Library? 

It is where, I will share with you the list of the books, documentaries, podcasts that I have recently read, viewed or listened and that have echoed in me.

How can you contribute? 

By sharing the list of your favourite books, documentaries, podcast... 

If you do so, you need to write a small resume and the reason why you are interested in it. 


Let discuss soon