The Fasting and OMAD Journey

Week 2: 25-1st of July

Monday 25th Fasting Day

Since I got up this morning up to 6.30pm, the day went kind of slow and I went along! 

Hunger: I felt none at all! 

Thirst: I didn't feel thirsty! 

Energy Level: I felt slow, sluggish, NOT THAT I LACKED Strength, my body just moves slow. I don't knownift it is due to the heat.

At around 6pm, things changed and I got more energy, I feel more awake. I am also in the shade at work and working obviously requires more concentration and attention.

Now 7.35pm and feeling well, I am on my way to BJJ. Today I will train technique (light intensity) for 45 minutes then spar (medium-high intensity).

The session is done, I had 5 rounds of sparring (medium intensity), I controlled my energy but didn't feel strong, just enough for the task at hand.

9.45pm, finally sitting and enjoying my food, after the meal and washing up, I fill myself with salt water, lemon squeeze and my Vitamins and another glass of salt water and apple cider vinegar and a bit of chia seeds to help the digestion. 




Dry fasting is definitely HARD, the absence of water provokes headaches, then I start to feel sluggish, slow. When drinking, I normally managed to "restart" myself with a good coffee. In a dry Fast a short Nap would help if possible.

Tuesday 26th Wet Fasting: way easier!

Being able to drink makes fasting really easy, I don't normally suffer from hunger or thirst, so to know that I can hydrate myself is aliviating.

I AM SO FAR SEARCHING FOR THAT  "High Energy State" that is advertised when people do intermittent fasting.

Taking into account that I am Known to be really slow and laid back when I don't train, I am wondering.

Hear me out, there are things that I do which surely  not help me. These are hypothesis but worth consideration. 

1. Although I have a meal a day, it is is worth two meal and account for a minimum of 3000 calories.

2. I do not restrict my carbs intake, I simply eat what my wife cooks and add a massive portion of vegetables. 

I wonder if eating less CARBS WOULD MAKE ME LESS LETHARGIC. I have to test! 


Tuesday was good, as I had no headaches, no hunger, thirst and as soon as I felt low, which normally happen around 2-3pm, I had a cup of and felt good again.

I finished the day with a 6-6.45pm spin class and had a good class. 

Definitely Tuesday was a good day! 

Wednesday 27th: The Confirmation!

Wednesday was as Tuesday, it was a really good, I would add even better!

The only difference was at dinner time, I ate mainly vegetables to start with and I felt hungry so I topped up as I normally do with a peanut butter sandwich. Apart from that, a good day

Thursday 28th: The Balance! 

As of today, I will group the Week in 3 groups, Monday on its own, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Finally Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Monday is Hard and different, as I fast without liquid and I train really late, I break the fast after 25-27h hours.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are very similar and enjoyable as I can drink, nevertheless the dinner is still late.

Friday-Sunday are harder as most of the workouts are early during the day, but I get to eat earlier.

I will only write something special if something special occurs.

Friday: As expected!

I learnt from last week mistakes, I worked hard during the weight session and had more control during the spin session.

I have to admit that I fear the spin sessions, I don't feel comfortable till I finish the class. Paul has recently started to do intermittent fasting and had and experience like the one I had last Friday after a spin class. To have low blood sugar is scary, you feel empty and weak. It is a feeling I don't want to experience anymore!

But in general everything went well, I had these little blackouts around 12-2pm and second wind around 4pm. 

I also decided to Listen to my body and stop eating as soon as I am full. That same evening I cut on 500-600 calories by not having my 2 slices of bread, buttered and peanut butter sandwich.

Saturday & Sunday: Back On Track!

The immediate result of not eating that peanut butter sandwich was the scale started to move again. I am losing weight again. My weight loss stopped since Monday 25th, simply because I was eating more than I needed. Now my hunger and my food intake are synchronized, I don't Force Food down my throat BECAUSE I CRAVE IT.

Sunday was a copy of Saturday, I have lost in two days more weight than I did in the 10 last days together. 


If I could eat all that food...

If I could eat all that food...