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Part 1: Ramadan, OMAD (one meal a day), 2 meals a day, intermittent fasting! 


Ramadan is over and it has been the "Easiest" one I experienced in my short Muslim life. I converted to Islam few days before getting married in July 2012.

Why was it the easiest?   

In 6 years as a Muslim, I got into the habit of fasting the whole year long once to twice a week, so I got kind of used to be without food and drink. On top of that, the previous Ramadan were longer, later in the year (mid summer).

I normally assess everything I do related to nutrition, then I compare and keep what works and discard what does not. This led me to adopt a 23 hours fasting Window and 1 hour to eat and drink, I would also drink water around 2am, right before my early morning prayer.

In a spiritual perspective, it is my best Ramadan up to date, as I was going to the mosque late (11pm/midnight) 3 evening per week times and I got up each and every day around 2am to pray.


When I look back few things stroke me and now I want to find answers: 

1. I felt good: I generally feel good when I fast, I don't feel hunger or thirst. I am just in that "diesel"  mode where I can do everything but I make sure not to overdo it!

A good definition of my state would be, "I cruise". 

2. My energy levels are steady, during Ramadan I lifted weight Tuesday,Thursday, Saturday and Sunday doing heavy leg sessions as the one in bracket (21,18,15,12,9,6,1 reps of back squat @80,90,100,110,115,120,125kg or 10 sets 10 reps of back squat @100kg). Trained BJJ 1h30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and fridays and did a 45 minutes spin class on Tuesday. 

I did not lose strength, the contrary, I gained some, The weight I lifted went up, I bettered the times in the timed exercises.

But Truth been told I didn't feel great! 

I almost forgot to say, I was bipolar! Moody with my wife (I apologised and made peace with her) and my boys and in contrast in a good mood with everybody else. As if I was a king an effort at work, in the mosque but not at home (shame on me).

3. On the 27th day of the Ramadan, Almost 4 weeks in, something happened!

I remember it like if it was yesterday, on Monday the 11th of June my body clock finally adapted to my new eating schedule. I felt full of energy, dropped 1'10" on a workout I did the previous week and I feel energised the whole day and the following.

It basically took me a month to get in Ketosis, my body switched its energy channel and I could live on my body fat storage and feel Great the whole day, I could work hard and be/feel positive.


What is the take?

During the Ramadan, I read a lot about Nutrition, intermittent fasting in general and the OMAD (one meal a day) protocol in particular. 

It turns out that I am professional at fasting, as I do it often. I mixed my experience with knowledge and I came to the conclusion that I can guide You!

So many people struggle with weight Loss, fat loss, not water loss! 

I Started the Ramadan/OMAD @86.8kg and finished 30 days later weighing 83.4kg!

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