Week of 9th of May


5-6.30am BJJ: Medium intensity.

6.45-7.30am Tabata Class: High intensity. 5 5' workouts, 3 with free weights and 2 cardio and body weight routines . Really tough, what I needed. It sets the tone for the week.

6.20-7pm Cardio and Bodyweight HIIT as I couldn't attend the sparring BJJ class.

I almost didnt do the session as my legs were so stiff that I could hardly move them, but after 5' of a slow warmup, I was good to go. It was painful but I hit an extraordinary sense of achievements.


Got up at 86.2kg on the scale. I LOST 700g in a DAY!!!!

5-6am BJJ: Medium intensity

6-6.45pm Spin: Medium intensity

I AM SHATTERED, I CAN HARDLY MOVE. It brings me back bad memories. Last year for the same competition I felt like this. Unfortunately, it was during the competition.

IT IS AN OMEN! I planned to train Friday and rest just on Saturday before the competition on Sunday. I DECIDED TO CHANGE MY PLANS, I WILL REST FRIDAY AND SATURDAY TO REACH THE COMPETITION IN A GOOD STATE AND NOT BURNOUT!


BJJ 5-6.30am: Take downs and side control, Medium intensity

HIIT 6.45-7.30am, High intensity.

Thursday 11th Last training day before competition.

BJJ 5-6.30am

6.45-7.30am conditioning, High Intensity

6.30-7.30pm swimming session, High Intensity

This is me done, now I have to unwind and prepare myself mentally for the competition ahead.

Friday: Rest.

As you may know, I finally decided on Friday not to attend the #TheBJJBritishOpen2016. Instead of dwelling on the "Negatives". I decided to focus on the POSITIVES.

I Got to train on double sessions on Saturday and Sunday, on both days I was with the people I enjoy being with, my PT clients and the gym members and the Train For Life Community members.

To add to the mix I spent more quality time with my family, instead of being on the road for over 6 hours,  I spent the day with my boys and wife and add a catch up on FaceTime with Aziz my best friend.

All situations have always different lectures and if we look closely, we can find or make good from bad.

Nothing compares to family time... 

Nothing compares to family time...