Week of 29th-6th March #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs approach.

This week just gone felt good, despite the fact that I am not losing crazy amounts of weight. I am just gaining more awareness, understanding of what I have to do and how my body reacts to it. I am also definitely better at sticking to my calorie allowance.

Let's have a look at the weight curve during the week.

Monday: 87kg

Tuesday: 86.6kg, dropped 300g.

Wednesday: 86.7kg, increased 100g.

Thursday: 86.7kg, maintained.

Friday 87kg, increased 300g.

Saturday 86.9kg, dropped 300g.

Sunday 86.6kg, dropped 100g.

I do feel quite positive about this week just gone as I learnt few lessons and few tricks.

1. With nutrition, You need to apply not to be creative. You need to listen not to hear. You need to give to your food the same attention you give to your workouts, work or children.


2. That said, what I mean is we know we have to respect the calorie allowance AND MOST OF THE TIME WE SIMPLY DON'T.

I have did respect my calorie allowance  consistently for the last 2 weeks and I am heading in the only possible direction, THE ONLY DIRECTION. I AM LOSING FAT, NOT LARGE AMOUNTS, BUT I DO.

3. The first two points are to reinforce the idea that you have to commit in order to succeed, you have to get new habits, THE RIGHT HABITS.

The few tips and tricks:

- I eat a meal and if I feel I am still hungry, I give it 20' wait. In fact, it takes 20' to your body to realize that you have been filled up and don't need to eat anymore.

- I drink..., in my case a coffee or large tea, both with milk no sugar.

- I simply acknowledge that I am full. I used to deny the fact that I was full and ate with my brain and eyes instead of my belly. That led me to clean my boys and wife plates when I was totally "full".

Let me tell you some, I am from a numerous family and we were not well off, so for me food, money and hard work go together. I hate to throw as I associate it to the hard work my parents had to go through to feed us. On top of that, at home if you were not finishing your plate, one of the sibling would do it for you...

So now I simply put into a container all the "leftover"

- I eat when I am hungry, I tend to be hungry in mid afternoon after my lunch and possible snack. Generally, I have between 700-1000 calories remaining to hit my daily allowance.

What do I do? I simply eat without thinking too much about the evening! Doing that, I generally found myself satisfied and at dinner time, I am not hungry anymore so I eat very little.

If you are Truly hungry, sort yourself out, don't skip that meal. Listen to your body, otherwise  you may  overeat later in the day.

- Las but not least, I have a cheat day. On Saturday evening, I watch a movie with my

wife and we treat ourselves with 2 pancakes each with peanut butter and Nutella. Now, what are the requirements for the cheat day?

My calorie allowance is respected, I eat less during the day to make sure I can relax after dinner. THIS SIMPLE!

These little tricks make the whole process easier.


My conclusions and general sensations:

This week I really started to feel in control, everything related to fat loss was only managed by food. Training has been good but, I dint use training as and excuse to overeat. I focused on food and start to enjoy knowing that I can control myself better.

My mood, Energy levels, mental health and sleep:

I may sound like a broken disc but everything is linked. Doing better at the nutrition level has a direct and positive repercussions on the rest.

The fact that I sorted out my rest and sleeping hours have a positive impact on my mental health and mood. I am generally in a good mood and really positive about life in general.

To come on the 16th of March :

Week 6 of #TheHighFatHighProteinLowFat trial, 7th-13th March.

Please guys feel free to comment and share your views.

Messing about😱 

Messing about😱