Week of 29th February


"Seek for Excitements, New Challenges and Chill out"Week of 29th of February
MONDAY 4.15-5.15am conditioning at 3000ft with the altitude mask. It was hard but manageable. A positive experience as I didn't have to drop my usual weight. The lower back and the knee were fine too.

3 10' Workouts

WK1: 5 50kg GM,3 thrusters, 5 28kg single arm row

Wk2: 5 Front Squat, 10 Lunges, 5 20kg Kettlebell snatch from the ground.

Wk3: 5 FATZ GRIP stiff leg DEADLIFT, 5 Jerk Press, 21kg High Pull




3 10' WK with 50kg

WK1: 5 50g GM,3 thrusters, 5 30kg Arm row. I completed 7 rounds and 1GM (good morning)

Wk2: 5 50kg FS, 5 LU, 5 20kg Kettlebell snatch

Wk3: 5 55kg FATZ GRIP DEADLIFT, 5 JP, 21kg HP.

I had the altitude Mask at 12000m, i had to breath hard but managed to do more rounds than the previous day. It seems that after the session my lungs were "opened", You know that sensation after running fast and hard. I also had a light headache.


4 6 100kg BS. Really happy with the lift, felt strong.

1 10 100kg deadlift. I had to stop as my back started to be really tight

HIIT 6.45-7.30am

2 10' WK with 50kg

WK1: 5 50kg GM, 3thrusters, 5 30kg AR.5 R7 1GM

Wk2: 5 FS, 10 LU, 150mr row

Wk3 7'30": 5 50 JP, 10 22.5kg snatch and 150m row

Thursday 3 10 100kg BS, legs strong but stopped as my lower back was tender.3 6 22kg seated shoulder press. Was ok can lift more or do more reps.10' workoutsWK1: 21 swing, OCS, 21 cal row, 18, 15, 12,9, 6, 3 completed R9Wk2: 5 snatches, 1 windmill, 1 TGU, 150m rowWk3: wk-6+wk2. Completed R6

2 10' workouts with 24kb and 12000 ft altitude mask.

WK1: 21 swing, OCS, 21 cal row, 18, 15, 12,9, 6, 3 completed R9

Wk2: 5 snatches, 1 windmill, 1 TGU, 150m row

I do feel the heat, it was so hard that after 8' in first workout I had to remove the mask to breathe for 10".

The mask applies better to cardio exercises and kettlebell workouts than resistance training.

45' Spin, first session in 2 weeks. It went well

Saturday REST DAY


3 10' wk

5 50kg GM and 5 THRUSTERS, 150m row

5 JP, 5 lunges, 150m row

21 24kg swing, OCS, CAL ON ROW.R9 8 OCS WITH THE ALTITUDE MASK AT 12000ft. I removed it after 2', couldn't stand it, felt claustrophobic. Don't know if having done 2 10' previous wk played a part...

1h spin


Fitness, Rest and Work:

Fitness: It was a very good week with no sets back. My lower back is still sore but I managed 3 sets of 10 back squat with 100kg. In regard to the deadlift, I don't feel ready yet. I will have to lift lighter for another week minimum.I also trained with the altitude mask and it is challenging, so made the training more fun. I will include session with the mask once or twice a week and see where it leads me.
Rest and Work: On the same line as the previous week, both are taken seriously as they are linked. Going to bed earlier, not forcing myself up when it makes no quality difference to my effectiveness at work are key. I use the common sense more and better In regard to work, a big step forward has been made I respect my weekends and leave work at work. I don't bring work at home anymore, on Saturdays and Sunday I totally disconnect to anything fitness related. Disconnecting means, I don't watch or read fitness videos or articles to learn, but just to enjoy.It is "Refreshing" and remove some mental stress off my shoulders... I was burnout sometimes. Although I love the week days with all the classes I instruct and the training sessions I do, I must admit that I look forward to the weekend, my REST DAY included and my "Feel" free Sunday where, I train with enough time to enjoy without being rushed to start a Pt of a class.
"Seek for Excitements, New Challenges and Chill out":
It is important to have challenges in mind and to have fun, this applies in your life in general and in fitness in particular.I wake up in the morning excited, thinking about my coming training sessions, my blogs, classes and ...being honest what I struggle the most with is to sit down and eat as my mornings are normally quite "packed". I almost set on the run!Being busy, excited, challenged is a "must", it is necessary to make the changes you want in your life to happen. You must have a fresh attitude, be passionate about what you have, do and want to achieve.


I started the week at 87kg and finished it at 86.6kg and I am truly satisfied! The reason being is that I start to be consistent, there were no "bad" days in this week.

I was consultant in my calorie intake.

I also realized by sharing my thoughts with Lisa A and my wife Susannah that I was overeating. Till now I didn't want to recognize the signals sent from my stomach telling me when I am full. I was consistently eating with my "brain"... I was eating because of my background and beliefs.

I am from a numerous family, in my youth when eating you had to be fast and eat as much as you could as if I left anything, one of my sibling would clean my plate.

I was advised to give a 20' pause after eating a meal or snack to know if I was still hungry. Sometimes I feel hungry minutes after eating and by the time I eat that extra food, I am not hungry anymore.

My wife urged me to change my perspective about left over, in fact I used to clean the plates of my two boys and wife..., now I put everything in a container and eat later in another meal.

I did apply these tricks and had some success, I need to implement these simple rules as habits.

Learning, Spirituality and chilling During the weekend:

Since last week I decided to spend quality family time with my family during the weekends. I also decided to stop bringing work at home, I truly enjoy everything about my life. I love what I do and what I have, to be busy from for 4am to 9.45pm gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Nevertheless, I realized how important it is to switch off, to not think about work, to watch cartoons with my boys or go to the kid soft play and finally to have pancakes with peanut butter and Nutella with my wife Susannah when we watch our weekly movie on Saturday evening.

I now look forward my weekends as much as I look forward my busy week as I can give back to my love ones the attention and love they deserve and I can also chill out.

As of now every Monday I will post #TheTrainForLifeWayOfLife, a snapshot of my week, which look very much like what you just read.

As explained during this post, the idea is to demonstrate that the TrainForLifePhilosophy #TrainForLifeWayOfLife is to believe in oneself, in an healthy, balanced, harmonious and simple life.

The message is a simple one that applies to your life in general. "Seek for Excitements, New Challenges and Chill out":
A "Full" life is achieved only by finding the right balance, it is important to find some "fun" in what you do, You also need to be challenged and finally, "chilling out" is necessary as it is a deserved reward for all the efforts, the energy displayed most of the days. This simple concept can be applied in any compartment of your life, with my kids as an example, during the week I spend time indoor and in a playground near the house, the weekend we often go to kid soft play, they love it and I just follow and do whatever they want me to do with them...

Weekends is all about being with the ones you love... 

Weekends is all about being with the ones you love...