February 22nd-28th  #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs approach reached its fourth week.

Last week was a negative week as I left myself down and paid close to little attention on the amount of calories I was having. I didn't plan and sometime overrate without even realizing it.

This week just gone was better, as I planned my meals and was assessing and checking after each meal how many calories I had left to use.

On top of that, I was injured and could not train as usual, which made nutrition my number 1 priority.

Let check my week weight curve.

Monday: 87.6kg, I had a bad Sunday and ended the day Bloated and constipated. I ate a lot of starchy carbs.

Tuesday: 87.2kg, down 400g. The constipation issue sorted...

Wednesday: 87.1kg, dropped 100g. Stick to my calorie allowance, so expected a greater loss.

Thursday: 87.2kg, up 100g, Stick to my calorie allowance, so was really disappointed.

Friday: 86.9kg, lost 300g, feeling better, some slow progress. (EXTRA REST).

Saturday: 86.7kg, lost 200g (REST DAY).

Sunday:  86.5kg. Lost 200g (EXTRA REST).

My conclusions and general sensations:

The key is planning and consistency, I managed to lose 1.2kg only by paying attention to what I eat.

  Hard work always pays off!

Not being able to train and having to stick to my  daily calorie allowance is hard. To see that you are losing 100g there, putting back 200g...it is frustrating.

I do now understand my clients when they talk about the way they feel, when complying with their diet and seeing slow to little changes.

You understand people better and feel empathy when you live a similar situation. It is the first time that I cannot train and balance my calorie input with my activities.


This week I only managed to train on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. My knee and my lower back were so sore that I decided to step away from exercising and rest and recover.

My mood:

It has been good as I managed to rest and I decided to look at the things from the right angle. Being injured is hard, nevertheless it is an opportunity to rest and learn things.

Energy levels, mental health and sleep:

I am doing great, I rest as much as I possibly can and do feel the difference. I am more patient with my sons and pay more attention while coaching my clients and instructing the fitness classes.

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To come on the 9th of March :

Week 5 of #TheHighFatHighProteinLowFat trial, 29th-6th March.

Please guys feel free to comment and share your views.

Can't be more relaxed than that... 

Can't be more relaxed than that...