#TheHighFatHighProteinLowFat Final Chapter

The Final Chapter 

7-14th of March #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs approach.

This week felt like the week of consistency, I have been consistent from Monday till Saturday. I am happy to agree with most of the studies that point that it takes almost 3 weeks to make of an action a habit.

I really feel now that I am on the middle of the track and not close to the edges, I feel when I am hungry and when I am not. Consequently, I control better my food consumption. Nevertheless, there were moments in the week that I was disappointed not to see on the scale the reflection of my consistency.

Let's have a look at the weight curve during the week.

Monday: 86.1kg

Tuesday: 86.2kg, increased 100g.

Wednesday: 86.4kg, increased 200g.

Thursday: 87kg, increased 600g.

Friday 86.1kg, dropped 900g.

Saturday 86kg, dropped 100g.

Sunday 86kg, maintained.

The week results did irritate me, the irritation is due to the fact that from a day to another, there are slight variations in weight which are just linked to liquid retention or going or not to the toilets.

This said, generally you are back to the weight you started the week within 2 days.

After almost two months, I think that I can now assess the experiment and share my findings.

My general sensations:

My mood, mental health, Energy levels and sleep:

The mood: I actually felt happy and irritated at the same time.

I am happy to have found a pattern, a balance. Let say that at the end of January  my weight was averaging 86kg (with hard not sustainable calories cut) and now through consistency, I manage the same results eating, differently but 500-800 calories more.

My training routine is roughly the same and since I cleared the knee and lower back issues, i am in good health. I need to remind you that I have been operated years ago on my knee and depending on what I do, from time to time it hurts. In regard to my lower back, I had an early "40s crisis" of EGO...as I said all cleared and back on track!

I am irritated and upset at the same time as, I have never really been used to weigh myself or try to lose weight. Before competing in martial art such as Thai Boxing (2007-07) and BJJ (2010-up to dates ) my weight has never been a concern.

Suddenly to have to get on the scale every morning, just gets on my nerve. It irritates me for two main reasons. On one hand, I always claimed that WEIGHT is NOT IMPORTANT, it is the way you feel and how it reflects on the clothes you wear.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, depending on the exact time you weigh yourself, if you have been or not to the toilet you can experience a 200-800g weight difference!!

Mental health:

I would qualify it as in line with the mood, the rationale behind that food experiment is to find what works for me and apply at a nutrition level the same philosophy, approach I have in my life.

If I am serious about training, my family, my work, religion, relationship...I have to be about my nutrition!

At a mental level, what is hard is the change, all changes are more or less traumatic. This one is just one more. Once, accustomed everything will be all right. My relationship with food will not feel like an addiction but as something natural.

I need to emphasize that I do not feel "Carbs" cravings. Back in January, when I was on a very low carbs diet, I could feel "weak", physically and mentally. I "needed" to have my dose of starchy carbs as I was moody and weak.

On the #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs, I never felt that way. I always felt energized and I also came up with some standards. Unlike the defenders of "low" carbs, I placed the standards at 150g of starchy carbs/day instead of 60g.

I will shortly write a post comparing, #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs, the Paleo and the Atkins diet.

Energy levels and sleep:

It has been great, I am adamant...I realized back in February that I could not sustain my busy days, that consist of a minimum of two daily training sessions, 7-8hours with my boys (3 1/2 and 2 yo) and 5-6hours work with less than 6 hours sleep.

I have simply been more sensible and prioritized  the most important in my life, my health, my family and my fitness. I simply worked less and found smarter ways to do the things.


My conclusions:

This week I decided to make of #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs approach my official way of eating.

Nevertheless as I mentioned above, I will explain through a comparison between TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs, the Paleo and the Atkins diet, why I came to that conclusion.

I just wanted to finish with some important and "unwavering" truths,

1. Up to date, I did not come across a diet that give you results in terms of "weight loss" and body composition "without" COUNTING CALORIES.


2. Use "COMMON SENSE" who are the people who know better about weight loss and body conditioning? The answer is... natural Body builders and martial artists or people who practice a sport sport that involves a weight category.

These people have to make the weight on a specific date, so in order to do so they need to find a "formula".

3. After reading and buying books written by "Natural body builders" and "Strength and Conditioning coaches"  such as M Matthews, T Venuto, M Rooney. I came to the conclusion that the natural body builders diet is one of "THE BEST".

I know, it is blind statement...why? If you just look for weight loss, muscle definition, but don't want to be extremely "cut", the Natural body building approach is not as restrictive as the other approaches.

In fact you are aloud to eat almost anything...Now to get to the sub 2 digits level of leanness you need to make dangerous cuts in carbs consumption, and THAT OBVIOUSLY I DO NOT ADVISE.

4. My last and funny one, "Eat fat and get thin". This is the title of a book I read and led me to start with #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs approach.

This statement is partly true, if you are eating less than your daily calorie allowance and your  diet is made of doughnuts...you may lose weight but look like a doughnut or be as "firm" as one.

On the other hands, if you instead eat lean protein you will look "Leaner".

I did eat a lot of fat and respected my calorie allowance, I lost weight but my body composition was far better when I was having less fat and more protein!

Thanks to have followed me during this journey, I will soon be back to you with some posts on the Atkins, Paleo, And High Fat diet in order to try to find which "nutrition approach" really works.

Please guys feel free to comment and share your views.

That picture was taken on the 27th of January, my weight was 86.5kg and 14 % body fat. I am currently at 86kg after following the #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs approach and I DONT LOOK AS LEAN AS IN THIS PIC. Does fat makes thinner? Leaner, NO!!!

That picture was taken on the 27th of January, my weight was 86.5kg and 14 % body fat. I am currently at 86kg after following the #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs approach and I DONT LOOK AS LEAN AS IN THIS PIC. Does fat makes thinner? Leaner, NO!!!