"Don't write off a workout without giving it a try, there are always alternatives"

Week of 7th of March


Conditioning 6-6.45am:

3 5 50kg GM4 10 100kg BS. felt strong, but ended up with a very sore back. So decided to relax and rest a bit before the 6.45-7.30am Tabata class.

Tabata class:
5 sets of 1' work/15" rest with 40kg
WK1: 5 Thrusters, Shuttle Run, 5 OCS open close squatWk2: Over the bar BurpeesWK3: 5 JP Jerk press,SR, 5 OCS  Wk4: 10 Lunges, SR, 5 Push ups - 1 rep each roundrow 4' 1138mI felt good, my lower back did not bother me much, nevertheless I felt my right calf a lot. It slows me down and had me thinking of it all the time.Later in the day, my back was really sore, so I skipped the 8-9pm BJJ Sparting session at the academy.


5-6.30am BJJ, Luke came back from holiday.
5.15-6pm Kettlebell class, with 24kg Kettlebell

4 sets 1'/15"

Wk1: 10 double swing, 5 pu. Remove 1 rep in each round

Wk2: 5 snatches,5 burpees. Remove 1 rep in each round

Wk3: snatch, windmill, 1/2 TGU

Wk4: open close, legs, arms and lateral



6.45-7.30am HIIT

3 10' wk

Wk1: 21,18,15,12,9,6,3 BS AND BURPEES. I completed R6 1bu

Wk2: 1 SSP strict shoulder press,2 SPP shoulder push press, 3 JP jerk press AND 6 Front Lunges. I completed R7

Wk3: 1 C&J clean and jerk, 2 Cleans, 3 thrusters 150m row. I completed R5.

My shoulder is stronger, as I managed to do strict shoulder press with 50kg for the first time in months. No pain in the back either.



Kettlebell 6.45-7.30am3 10' wkWk1: 3,6,9,12,18,21 double AS and Burpees. 2'34" left.636m row.Wk2: 1 snatch to squat alternated. 2 clean to squat and 3 thrusters.Wk3: wk1 R3,9,15,21 +wk2. Completed R21+3 cleans to squat.Great workout and good sensations, nevertheless I suffered a lot with the burpees.


BJJ 30' spar

45' Spin.

First time Sparting seriously with Luke in months, I suffered when at bottom but stayed away from danger. My controls have improved such as my half guard passes. Things went wrong when I rushed it. Got submitted because I switched off... Something to think of and learn from...!




2 10' wk with 12000ft altitude mask

5 thrusters 150m row. R5 50kg bar

5 JP, 10 AS, 150m row.R5

Hard with mask at times but felt ok in general. Was good at spin even felt full of air. Was really sleepy the rest of the day but no headaches.

An improvement

45' spin

1h spin


Fitness, Rest and Work:

Fitness: It was a very good week, a very good week is when you can train. It didn't start as I wanted as my back stopped me from doing certain things. Nevertheless, I managed to train HARD the rest of the week. I will come back to that point to explain the concept: "Don't write off a workout without giving it a try, there are always alternatives".
Rest and Work: I am now really giving Rest the importance it deserves, physical and mental rest. I go to bed earlier with the job done, if it isn't, I am up earlier to do it.At a mental level, I am not "unidimensional" anymore, although I love it, there is more to life than Fitness and Nutrition.To read books related to Islam, and share chats with Hajj Amal, or my friends, to watch my favorites cartoons and play LEGO with my sons give me the mental  break that I need.
The work: It follows the same curve, I am learning from clients, my readings and I try to improve daily. I need to make some adjustments nevertheless as thing can always be improved.


I started the week at 86kg and finished it at 86kg and I am a bit gutted, it is my own fault though. The week was really good in term of respecting my calorie allowance. I was so good that at times I was upset as I could see my weight go up. This phenomenon never lasted, as the following day or the day after I was back to 86kg.

On Saturday, I was doing extremely well and my wife fell sick and went early to bed. I found myself having to cook and spend the evening on my own. After the evening meal, even before, I wasn't hungry but I forced 2 slices of peanut butter and Nutella down in my belly...Up to 700 extra calories...don't get me wrong, it was good but TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!!!


"Don't write off a workout without giving it a try, there are always alternatives".

To illustrate the statement above I will share the stories of my last days clients. Gurvinder broke one of his finger last week and I told him to come for his PT session, as if nothing happened and he did. I came up together with a session where we avoid putting pressure on the broken finger. Nevertheless, he did some thrusters, jerk presses, push ups and we even used the Kettlebell.

Emily had a dodgy shoulder and felt pain in her knee...what did we do? I had her doing, squat, thruster and taught her the jerk press, an exercise that involves the shoulders.

Carl was sick the entire week, little strength... I just changed the intensity of the work out and tailored the PT session to what he was capable of doing on the day.

A long story short, if you are motivated and you want to train, there is always alternatives. You first need to try what you have planned to do, maybe with a lighter weight.

If it does not work out, start looking for alternatives or totally change the workout.

As a matter of fact, I am not a resistance machine fan, but when I am injured I tend to use them more, as they provide more stability and safety.

As explained during this post, the idea is to demonstrate that the TrainForLifePhilosophy #TrainForLifeWayOfLife is to apply some common sense in your training and make each session counts. Bear in mind that, the rule explained above can be at a certain extent applied in everyday life...


There is always something to do, lift, jump, run...if in group better... 

There is always something to do, lift, jump, run...if in group better...