#TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs-Thoughts 1-2


The calorie restriction vs the HighFatHighProteinLowCarb approach

During my preparation for the BJJ European Championship, I was on a calorie restriction diet with a medium to high protein, medium to low fat and carbs approach. This diet aloud me to get from 89.9kg to 85.5kg in 27 days.

During The 27 days calorie restriction trial:

My BMR, body metabolic rate (the calories I need to function) was 1726.66 calories and my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) 3677 calories.

In short I could eat 3667 calories a day without putting on weight, as I wanted to lose fat, I dropped my calories intake of 30%,  to 2500 per day.

At the end of trial:

My body fat was 10.9%

Weight: 85.5kg

The results were amazing considering the little time I had, nevertheless, I feel as I failed for several reasons. I believe that the calorie restriction approach is a good way to start but it is necessary to keep an eye on how it works for you.

Pay attention to mood swings, energy level, stomach upsets, food cravings and becoming obsessed by food.

Find below my thoughts and sensations while going throw the Calorie restriction approach and why I believe there is a better approach.

My thoughts:

Thoughts 1: Iwas thinking of food all the time:

Being in a calorie restriction diet with high protein, low to medium fat and carbs was hard for several reasons. To start with, till I started the diet I was a carb eater, a starchy carb eater to be precise. In fact I would have porridge in the morning with a banana followed by some almonds. Later during the day some vegetables with chicken, I would snack on peanut butter and Nutella and finally the dinner would be whatever my wife cooks with some rice, pasta, couscous or sweet potatoes...MORE STARCHY CARBS.

I was having starchy carbs from morning till night. Did I feel good or bad about it? My answer would be i don't know, as I didn't try a different approach.

When for the #cuttingtheweight trial (check on my website:www.trainforlifeuk.com), I reduced severely my starchy carbs intake and could feel some massive changes.

The changes were positive and negative.

The positive outcomes were that I slept better, my energy levels were high despite the fact I was eating less, my fitness performances were on the high and I had no stomach upset.

The negative was that I was thinking of food all day long. I had craving for things such as porridge or a piece of toast. I was moody, and I felt hungry. Not that I was hungry, but thinking about food makes you believe you are hungry when you may not be.

Thoughts 2: I managed to stick To the calorie allowance only few days.

That trial was really hard on me due to several factors, firstly I had a deadline and I had to keep on with the BJJ European Championship preparation as well as with my job and my duties as a father and husband.

The factors above may have played an important role in how difficult it was to stick to the diet, on the other hand, everybody will be in the same situation, as nobody stop living their daily lives just focus on their diet.

The biggest failure was to my understanding not to be able to consistently stick to the calorie allowance. I had 1 excellent day, 1 bad and 2 average. An excellent day would be being below the calorie allowance of 2500cal, a bad day to be over 3500 and an average day would be between 2700-3000 calories.

To summarize this point, my general weight and fat loss is due to the fact that overall, I managed a calorie deficit. I managed to be below my TDEE of 3667 calories but a 30% cut in calorie intake was ambitious and really hard to sustain, as demonstrated.

This is the first part of a serie of five chapters that aim to explain and justify the reasons that led me to change my approach towards #TheHighFatHighProteinLowFat approach, I want to make sure that you understand where I am coming from by sharing my thoughts, sensations and conclusions.

To come, thoughts 3-4

Thoughts 3: I could not keep up with such restriction in calories.

Thoughts 4: I have a better understanding of my relationship with food. Some work well or better with my body and some others interfere with the well functioning of my body. 

Please guys feel free to comment and share your views. 

Back to 2007, I was 33yo, Bulky, younger but far to be chiseled or trimmed...

Back to 2007, I was 33yo, Bulky, younger but far to be chiseled or trimmed...