Week of the 22nd of February.


MONDAY 5-6.30am BJJ Technique, leg drag, leg weave, knee slide.

4 times 1'/15" rest

Wk1: 5 push ups, 2 Bu, 10 JS

Wk2: 5 BU, 5OC,5JS, remove a rep each round.

WK3: 3' row 867m

Repeat wk1 and 2 3 times then row 990


Tuesday and Thursday

5-6.30am BJJ techniques

We worked from the closed guard and that led us to develop a new drill. From  closed guard to arm bar attempt, to back take and arm bar submission or switch to mount. We are improving our controls all the time and really getting into the details, it is scary to think that some people get to that level of mastery that one mistake and it is over. 

I had 2 extra* REST DAYS *Friday, Saturday and *Sunday. On Friday my training partner Luke couldn't make it, so I did some reading instead of training. I also rested on Sunday to give me a chance to fully recover from my knee and lower back injury. Monday will tell if, it worked as planned


Fitness, rest and work:

Fitness: It was not a good week in term of fitness, as I could hardly train. Nevertheless, I am not here to cry... What is the lecture or even the positive I can rescue from this bad week.Firstly, I had more time to rest, it is not what I planned but sooner or later you have to give your body a rest!Secondly, it has provided me some precious time to assess better what I was doing and make some adjustments to avoid the same situations in the future.In term of injury prevention, I now know that I have to vary my BJJ sessions to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on my knee and more importantly, I MUST KEEP MY EGO AT BAY AND NOT LIFT HEAVY WEIGHT WHEN NOT PROPERLY WARMED UP!!
Rest: As mentioned above, I did give my body a break, which was i am sure highly appreciated. On the other hand, I am simply better with my sleep management. I go to bed, early to get up early or late to get up later.
Work: Everything we do is connected, if you put order in your life, consequently you put order in your work. I am better organised, less fatigued and getting more knowledge and practice in what I am doing.
There is a famous quote from Einstein about sanity, which states something along these lines. "The human being is the only being that expects different results by doing the same thing=INSANITY"I sadly have to admit that I am insane!
I have a very high metabolism and I train a lot, I also eat A LOT! When I train and eat, I manage to get away with not being strict with my diet. Being strict means to reach 3500 calories, with anything below, I create an energy deficit and lose fat and weight...
During the week of the 14th-21st, I managed to eat the same or more than my calorie allowance States, forgetting that I COULDN'T TRAIN, as I was injured!
From the 22nd-28th I put the concept "PLAN, PUT IN PRACTICE, ASSESS" in place.


I planned my meal, cooked and constantly assessed and adjusted.

Daily Calorie allowance for the week was 3000 calories, as I couldn't train a lot.

Breakfast, 700 calories and 300 for a snack.

Lunch, 700 calories and 300 for snack.

Dinner, 1000 calories.

This was the plan, the reality was slightly different, but by putting the food in MyFitnessPal app right after eating them. I could manage my calories and make the adjustments for the following meal.

It is a simple but fundamental step, you need to be on top of the food. It is so easy to derail!

I almost forgot! I started the week on Monday at 87.6kg and finished on Sunday at 86.5kg. I was 86.5kg on Sunday morning, but my wife cooked that meal for dinner, sour chicken with a kind of  doughnut...it was so good that I ate 4 of them plus...

Hence I was 87kg on Monday morning lol...+500g overnight, lol...

Nevertheless, the positive reading is that I managed up to that point to lose 1.1kg just by planning my meals and sticking to the game plan.

Family, Learning and Spirituality:

All positive really as I have now decided to make of the weekend " The Official Family Days".

On Saturday and Sunday my wife and I spend quality time with the boys (without having to think about work or anything). We go to soft plays or take part into activities where the 4 of us are involved.

My wife and I keep to ourselves on Saturday evening, when the boys are in bed. We also agreed on making of Sunday a "slow"day. After doing whatever, in morning and afternoon, we sit in the lounge to sip a hot drink and chat.

Learning: During the weekend, I spend time to learn, read or watch all the things I like which are not related to fitness.

Spirituality: On Saturday, I now spend time to learn things related to my religion. As I mentioned in previous posts, we have different interests and what makes us happy is enjoying all the things we are interested in. In order to do so, we need to make the time and have priorities.

As of now every Monday I will post #TheTrainForLifeWayOfLife, a snapshot of my week, which look very much like what you just read.

As explained during this post, the idea is to demonstrate that the TrainForLifePhilosophy #TrainForLifeWayOfLife is to believe in oneself, in an healthy, balanced, harmonious and simple life.

The message is a simple one that applies to your life in general. You need to "Plan, Put in Practice and assess".This simple concept above was taught to me back in 2006, when studying for my degree in "Business Management".In all the compartments of our life we can apply that simple concept. Stop yourself from rushing from A to Z. You need to sit down, plan your meals, go to buy what you need, cook and eat.Plan your fitness goals then your training sessions...
Read more on www.trainforlifeuk.com

I had the altitude mask on set for 15000 ft, I could hardly talk, breath... I was light headed. Next week I will start working out with it starting at 3000ft and moving up... I am excited about the idea! 

I had the altitude mask on set for 15000 ft, I could hardly talk, breath... I was light headed. Next week I will start working out with it starting at 3000ft and moving up... I am excited about the idea!