February 15-22nd the HighFatHighProteinLowCarbs approach reached its third week.

I started on the third week of February at 85.5kg and ended it at 86.5kg  on the 21st of February. A negative week! What happened...

Let check my week weight curve:

Monday: 85.5kg

Tuesday: 86.2kg, up 700g

Wednesday: 86kg, dropped 200g

Thursday: 86kg, maintained

Friday: 85.9kg, dropped 100g

Saturday: 85.9kg, maintained (REST DAY)

Sunday: 86.5kg, increased 600g and got bloated and constipated. I GAINED 1kg in comparison to Sunday the previous week.

My strength levels:

The exercises I use to check on my strength are the Back Squat, Good Mornings, Thrusters, Deadlift, Jerk press and Front squat.

In terms of fitness, I had a bad week as I had a swollen knee since Tuesday 6pm.

Right after the 5.15-6pm Kettlebell session, I felt a slight pain in the back of my left knee. This pain stopped me from squatting and doing any jumps or cardio exercises that involve the use of the legs.

I also injured my lower back on Friday evening, nevertheless I managed to do good mornings with a lighter weight and deadlift. I altered my weight routine and performed the exercises that I could handle.

Back squat: I couldn't squat at all during the week.

Good Mornings: I managed to do some on Friday and Sunday but executed sets of 5 with 55kg instead of sets of 7 with 60kg.

Thrusters: I couldn't do any this week.

Jerk press: I could not do any this week as I had a very sore back.I am now at 4 sets of 5 with 60kg.

Deadlift: I increased the weight 4 sets of 10 with 100kg deadlift and  managed 4 sets of 5 with 105kg.

Front squat: I couldn't do any this week.

My mood: has been great, and is great. I truly felt more positive about everything. This positive atmosphere led me to lower my guard and believe I had everything under control.

Nutrition is like training, you have to stay on top if it, you have to plan and execute. I simply didn't plan, as a result I gradually and consistently over ate during the week. I normally get away with it as I train a lot.

Unfortunately, my calories output was at its lowest this week because of my injuries. I missed Tuesday spin, Wednesday HIIT, Thursday Kettlebell, and Sunday spin...but haven't missed a meal or dropped my calorie allowance.

My conclusions and general sensations:

I sincerely believe that this way of eating works for me and can be adapted to anyone. That diet is not restrictive, so not hard to stick on and it is what I believe people need. In order to draw my own conclusions I will carry on properly, by respecting the calorie allowance until mid March then I will share my results.


It has been a negative week, with a total loss of control of my food intake. This is a reminder: The number one rule is plan. There is no room for improvisation, you have to be organized and plan and prepare your meals. This is what it takes to stay on track.

The starchy carbs:

I did over the weekend ate a lot of carbs and for the first time in months I felt bloated and constipated.

Energy levels, fitness and strength:

If not for the injury, I feel strong and see myself moving forward. I look forward to be over my pains and get back to squat.

Mental health and sleep:

I am voracious, any occasion is an opportunity to read, learn and write. I organized myself better so I do actually rest more than I used to so I feel less tired.

Read more: www.trainforlifeuk.com

To come on the 2nd of March :

Week 4 of #TheHighFatHighProteinLowFat trial, 22nd-28th February

Please guys feel free to comment and share your views.

Back to work and back on track... 

Back to work and back on track...