Week of the 15th of February 2016.


MONDAY5-6.30am BJJ Technique, leg drag, leg weave, knee slide.

4 times 1'/15" rest

Wk1: 5 push ups, 2 Bu, 10 JS

Wk2: 5 BU, 5OC,5JS, remove a rep each round.

WK3: 3' row 867m

Repeat wk1, 2 3 times then row 990



5-6.30am BJJ 5.15-6pm Kettlebell. Started to spin at 6pm but had to stop as I felt pain in the back of my left knee.


5-6.30am BJJ: we discovered some new half guard pass and controls. We diagnosed some new drills that fit better our games, we are getting in details with everything. We are working slow and control.

6.45-7.30am: I tried to do the HIIT class but it my groin hurt so I gave it a miss.


5-6.30am BJJ: I realised that my knee and hip discomfort may be caused by the BJJ, more concretely the techniques we wen through during the last month.

I didn't take part in the Kettlebell class and gave myself another day of rest, to be on the safe side.

Friday 5-30-6.30am Conditioning:

4 10 100kg deadlift


3 10 18kg 4010 seated shoulder press

3 8 40kg arm row

After the last days set back, I didn't know how deadlift would go and it went well. Don't write off a session before trying.

In the evening, I almost injured myself by deadlifting a 95kg barbell with no warm up. Stupid EGO...

Saturday: REST DAY


3 7 55kg Good morning (GM)/thrusters

4 5 70kg Front Squat (FS)

4 10 50kg Front lunges (FL)/10 21kg high pull

3 6 105kg deadlift.EASY

A positive session as I managed to squat without being held back by left knee and groin. The deadlift was fine, rear deltoids on the right side were a bit tight but held on. I felt t generally strong. My sore lower back didn't stop me from training.


Fitness, rest and work:

I had a good week mainly because I did listen to my body needs and took the right step to stop a problem from becoming an issue.Last week I was overloaded, I had too much on my plate with little sleep, physical and mental rest.I had a chat with Lisa one of my client and she actually told me off during the rest period of her Pt session. "I don't like to be told off", I listened to her, explained my point of view and made the adjustments.When you do too much, something has to give, my family, my training are there to stay, the problem is and was the work. I needed to organise myself better and make some adjustments.The first one was to simply do less, as I have no set due date for some of the projects I am working on, I can be more flexible. Secondly, I decided to either stay up an hour later and consequently get up an hour later or the other way around, sleep earlier and get up earlier. These little changes have made a massive difference. I feel fresher and more energised.
Listen to your body:To listen to my body foremost applies to training, on Tuesday after the Kettlebell class, I started the spin class on the bike and 10 minutes in the session I felt a slight pain behind my left knee, I stopped and gave myself a rest.The next morning after my BJJ 5-6.30am, I started the 6.45-7.30am HIIT session with doubts, less than 1 minute in the session I felt something in my left groin. I stopped and decided to rest also on Thursday.After assessing my weekly routine, I came to the conclusion that I haven't changed anything in my routines apart from the BJJ. In fact, since my return from Lisbon on the 26th January my BJJ sessions were focused on leg attacks, knee bars...I did basically put on a daily basis a lot of stress on my left knee (operated on in 2007)and after almost a month, I was starting to feel it in the form of dull pain.


A note of caution, it takes a while to implement new habits. I have been a "chaotic" eater all my life. I would say that I sometimes eat by impulse, or out of boredom.

This translates by losing focus and overeating, my metabolism being quite high, it is not too bad. However, I could and should be better, by applying my training focus in my nutrition. In short I will focus on my nutrition in the last week of February.

Family, Work, Learning and Spirituality:

Everything is better, nevertheless it is important to stay focus as we easily get distracted and start doing things at the wrong place and time.

As of now every Monday I will post #TheTrainForLifeWayOfLife, a snapshot of my week, which look very much like what you just read.

As explained during this post, the idea is to demonstrate that the TrainForLifePhilosophy #TrainForLifeWayOfLife is to believe in oneself, in an healthy, balanced, harmonious and simple life.

You have to be alert and pay attention to what happens to you, as a fall or successive headaches, migraines, feeling tired or pain are signs that something is happening. Being able to interpret, to read and understand the signs given by your body will keep you away from prolonged set back, injuries or time off from the gyms or work.
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Be in touch with the Nature, with your surrounding and most of all listen to your body... 

Be in touch with the Nature, with your surrounding and most of all listen to your body...