Week of the 8th of February


5-6.30am BJJ Technique, leg drag, long step to side control, leg lock to back take.

Tabata 6.45-7.30am

4 times 1'/15" restWk1: 2 Hindu pushes, 2 Bu, 10HK

Wk2: 2 snatches and 1TGU EACH side

WK3: 5 JS, 3OC,2 Bu, SR

Wk4: 5 High pull,5 JP, 5 Jump SquatWk5: 3' row 860m


5-6.30am BJJ AND 6-6.45pm SPIN

5-6.30am BJJ, leg lock and leg drags technique.

HIIT 6.45-7.30am 3 10' workouts

Wk1: 10 burpees, 10 open closed squat, 10 X back lunges, Shuttle Run. Remove a rep every 2 rounds. Round 1 to repeat twice the workout with 10 reps, round 2, twice with 9 reps.I managed to reach round 4 and 8 burpees.

Wk2:1 clean and jerk, 2 thrusters, 3 jerk press and 150m run inc 2%, 10,11,12,13,13.5kmh run

Wk3: AMRP 5 lunges, 5 deadlift and 5 burpees in 5'.Big day as I managed to run for the first time on the treadmill, I felt strong but didn't want to push my luck.


6-6.45am Conditioning:4 7 60kg GM( good morning) /2 Thrusters. Big progress as I managed 4 sets instead of 2 last Sunday. 4 2 130kg BS (back squat) Set 1 2 reps, S2 & S3, S4 1-1. Hard but done, an increase of 10kg in the last 2 weeks, as the max I ve done was 120kg for 2 reps.
6.45-7.30am Kettlebell 3 10' workouts

Wk1:5 AS, 5 burpees, 5 OCS and 5 calories on rower. Add 5 each Round

Wk2: 1TGU, 1 snatch, 2 swing and clean, 3 jerk presses 150m run incl 4 speed 14kmh. Feel more confident and strong.



5-6.30am BJJ techniques

3 sets 5 60kg jerk press. completed but I need to sort out my Technique...4 5 100kg deadlift. Getting there, satisfied

4 7 100kg deadlift. definitely feeling stronger4 5 120kg squat. S1 2,111. S2 222. S3 2121. I did suffer, I felt the deadlift I ve done prior to squat. My legs didn't respond.1h Spin, the class was easier for my characteristics as there were a lot if high resistance tracks instead of sprints.

Surround yourself by the right people:
This week I was reminded that important part of anybody well being. When you are surrounded by the right people life is easier, better.I am a blessed person as I am content. I am happy with what I have and when I am not, I just put myself at work in order to get what I want.I have a nice family,a wonderful wife (time to time), wonderful sons (hard work), a good Family, some good friends, and The Train For Life community.I will add that some member of the community have become real friends. After 9 years in Norwich, I can say that the majority of my friends are HERE IN NORWICH and I identify myself with the place, and the people.Not to talk about my training partners Luke, Josh, Tom, Tomek, Mike D, Mike P and my coach Steve and my Maestro Ze Marcello would be missing on important people in my life. Theses guys as well as my family, my friends and the member of the Train For Life community make me a better, athlete, a better person.


It has been a positive week again, the motivation, the drive and the focus are high. I am reaching a better balance between the important thing in my life. Nevertheless, I am struggling with my sleep. I have to sort out my hours and make more time to rest.


This week has been as good as the first as I generally improved, all my weights are on the high. My workouts are better designed, shorter, with a better focus on my goals. The results are a clear improvement in strength and recovery time between workouts.


I am now two weeks in my new Diet and it is becoming an easy ride. I plan better my meals and have a better understanding if which food to eat and when. I have almost a clear picture of what my breakfast, snacks and lunches should look like.

I introduced more fish in my diet, it is a cheap way to add variety and quality.

Cheap? Effectively, I give myself a budget and get 2kg roughly of fish worth a maximum of £10 and I have for 4-5 meals.

I also made important adjustments in regard to eating with my sons, I now eat after them, like that I can include their leftover which are mainly carbs in my meals.

Family, Work, Learning and Spirituality:

Family: I made some big progress this week as I keep most if the time the IPad and phone outside the living room so I can give my sons my full attention.

With my wife we enjoy as much as we can the time we create for us, by getting the kids to sleep earlier and making things easier for each other in general.

Work: I realized that I could not become slave often of my passion, I tried to do too much and suffered as I was getting tired and under pressure.

I decided to slow down, do less but make sure that I convey the messages I need to convey.

Learning and Spirituality: this is a daily basis habit, I keep myself sharp and open to what interest me by reading everyday and focusing on my duties as Muslim.

As of now every Monday I will post #TheTrainForLifeWayOfLife, a snapshot of my week, which look very much like what you just read.

As explained during this post, the idea is to demonstrate that the TrainForLifePhilosophy #TrainForLifeWayOfLife is to believe in oneself, in an healthy, balanced, harmonious and simple life.

Stop complaining and take responsibilities for your life, IF THERE IS SOMETHING YOU DONT LIKE CHANGE IT. LIVE LIFE ACCORDING TO YOUR BELIEFS.

We generally  get what we deserve, if you work on your family life, your relationships, your job, your spirituality, general knowledge, your fitness and nutrition, YOU will be happier.

There is no secret formula, HARD WORK pays off. Each and every time I was focused and willing to pay the price, to sacrifice in order to achieve a goal. With no fail I Achieved it.

The Train For Life Community is a group of people who share the same values and what is applicable to fitness can be in our daily lives. "Together We Are Stronger".

My training partner, becoming a friend. We spend a lot of time talking, sharing, growing together  

My training partner, becoming a friend. We spend a lot of time talking, sharing, growing together