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The last 2 weeks have been really good, at a personal level and for TrainForLife in general.

My 4yo boy son Milo started to walk my in my footstep and started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). This is big for me as I am starting to pay back. As a child I started "club" sport at the age of 12yo. Why so late? I am of a family of 7 children and my parents did not have the means and the time to send us to practice sports. I also believe that they did not know how important it is.

Fortunately, I know how important sport is and all the benefits it brings, such as discipline, coordination, mental strength, self confidence, team spirit...

I can see my son developing into a better, stronger more mature Milo and this fill me up with joy and a sense of achievement.


The TrainForLife community is growing and the people who adopt our work ethic are joining in numbers.

I proud myself in providing demanding classes, call them, tabata, HIIT, Kettlebell or Spin. Lately I saw the numbers of people joining the classes increase.

The best examples,  are HIIT and Spin.

In the case of the HIIT, Rebekah and Lauren when they first joined, mentioned how hard it was and anyway anybody could see that they were not having the time of their lives...three weeks later, they are still coming and some progress can be appreciated.


The spin classes are just awesome, the Monday and Wednesday 12.30pm class have stabilized with an average of 5-7 participants while the other classes have seen a major increases in the number of participants.


Tuesday 6-6.45pm class averages 15-20 people, what I like about that class is that more of 90-95% are female members and are new to my classes.

Nevertheless they embrace the idea of working hard, pushing themselves and here they are day in and out.


Friday 6.45-7.30am spin is just what any instructor dreams of, yesterday the class was filled up with 17 people, some of them were present Tuesday evening.

If you get up early to train, you mean business and the result can only be awesome.


On the same line are the weekend classes with an average of 8-12 pax on Saturdays and Sundays.


At a personal level, I am grateful to my family and friends, the TrainForLife community, and to Icon BJJ Norwich, Luke P, Steve C and ZeMarcello.


My family, meaning my wife Susannah and my sons Milo and Noah. They give me the support and the challenges necessary for me to grow as man, father, husband and competitor.

My parents, brothers and sisters also remind me where I am from and that I have to bear my name "Kabuiku" with pride, "Walk the Talk" and Lead By Example.

The TrainForLife community is my group of pals, between my family, work and training, I have little time and need to socialize. The guys I train or train with have become  true friends, Gurvinder, James, Carl, Paul, Tim, Neil, Kirsten, Tracey, Sarah, Rachel, Emma , Greg... and have an important impact on my life.


Finally Icon BJJ norwich: these guys are my BJJ training partners. You only get better I believe when you are surrounded by the right people. Fortunately, I am. All the guys I train with help me to improve, but obviously some more than the others, such as Tom J, Michael P, Michael D and Fordy.


A special mention to Luke P, my training partner, Steve Cowan my coach (owner of Icon BJJ Norwich) and ZeMarcello my Sensei (former BJJ World champion, founder of icon BJJ).

These 3 guys  play a massive role in my development and improvements. Luke and I train 4 times a week from 5-6.30am, since we started doing it, I am at another level.


Steve C is the attentive coach who understands your needs and provide you with the support you need in order to grow.

Finally, ZeMarcello is the "Reference", the World Champ, the ALPHA MALE in an environment of Alpha Males.

Thanks to Luke and Steve, I managed in a year time to be submitted "JUST" Once while sparring 6 minutes with ZeMarcello instead of 5-7  times a year ago.


ZeMarcello congratulated me and told me to keep on with the good work... These words filled me up with Pride and made me realize how lucky I am to have YOU guys.



The extended Family

The extended Family