Practice what you preach

Still in Lisbon, after the BJJ European Championship, I was thinking on ways to reinforce the TrainForLife Phylosophy.  

What was the best suitable vehicle to transmit an idea, my energy, a movement. The answer came to me remembering the comments of Lisa, Aaron, Josh, Sue and others. They told me that they were following my #cuttinghtheweight diary. 

As a result I decided to open a window to my daily routine, to demonstrate that fitness is not a destination, it is a Direction, "A way of life". 

As of Monday the 1st of February, I will write about my daily fitness routines and my state of mind in general.

This process should help you guys to understand the importance of goals setting, planning and the importance of a balance between, work, fitness, and family life. 

I will not focus much on the specificity of the exercises or get in details about the food I eat. The focus is more on what keeps me going, what I can improve, add or remove in order to be fit and happy.

Nevertheless if you are interested in knowing why I favor a type of training, a choice of exercises instead of other, let me know and I will explain about it. On the other hand concerning the nutrition #TheHighFatHighProteinLowCarbs 5 chapters that I started in parallel should answer your questions On the subject.

Rise and shine: I am generally up between 3.30-4am and in bed at 9.30-10pm on average from Sunday to Thursday and 5-6am till 10-11.30pm Fridays and Saturdays.

Week of 1st of February


5' Row

5-6.30am BJJ Techniques

Tabata 6.45-7.30am4 times 1'/15" rest

Wk1: 5 OC (open blouse squat) ,3 BU,10Moon Walker Shuttle Run

Wk2: 5 thrusters-3 BU

WK3: 5 Jump Squats, 10 high knees, 2 Burpees, Backward run

Wk4: 5 JS, 3 JP,6 LUWk5: 2 snatches and 1 Turkish get Up on each side


5' row

5-6.30am BJJ techniques  

6-6.45pm Spin class


Conditioning 6.15-6.45am

4 3 120kg squat, Set 1,2,3 and 4, I managed 2 reps followed by 1 after a short break.

3 5 95kg deadlift

HIIT 6.45-7.30am

Wk1: Format AMRP, 3 Hindu push ups, 6 Xback Lunges, 10 Jump squat

Wk2: 5 thrusters, 5 Good Mornings, 5 high pull, 250m row

Wk3: 21 LUNGES,DEADLIFT,BURPEES-15-9-3 finished in 8'40"

Feeling strong, won all the workouts.  



4 10 102.5 BS (back squat) UNBROKEN. I CRIED IN 3rd set as it was dam hard and I was in the zone.

6.45-7.30 Kettlebell 3 10' workout

Wk1: 1 snatch to squat, 2 OHS (overhead squat), 3 JP (Jerk presses), 4 BU (burpees), 5 open close Squat.

Wk2: 21 double arm swing, Burpees, jump squats and 21 calories row, then 15, 9, 3. Completed with in 9'23"

Wk3: Wk1+wk2. I started round 3 did 1 snatch to squat, 2 overhead squat, 3 Jerk presses, 1 Burpee.

I feel strong again, and managed to win the 3 workouts. Still weak in regard to shoulder but my fitness is on the high.


Extra Resting day as I am having a good week but lacking sleep.




6-6.30am Conditioning

4 5 60 GM/3 a Thrusters. I stopped after 2 sets ax I failed to do the thrusters in 3rd set.not strong enough!

5 3 100kg deadlift


The main thing is planning, you need to plan your nutrition, you need to plan your workouts, you need goals, a purpose. Without goals it is really difficult to achieve anything. " Don't be afraid to Dream Big". 

Your goals, your ambitions are the reasons why you get up in the morning ready to Conquer. 

I Always go to bed Thinking about what I will do the next day and I am always eager to start the day, even if that means being up at 3.30am (weekdays) and in bed 9.30-10pm. 


My first week back has been really positive, as I planned most of my workouts. I managed to increase the weight in each  and every sessions. I am also fortunate to have come back from Portugal "injury free" and highly motivated.


After a month of diet, I am changing my culinary habits, you will be able to know more about in my coming #CalorieRestrictionVSFat&HighProtein and #HighFatHighProtein#LowCarbs.

I had a bad weekend, a chaotic one. I ate a lot and not the right kind of food... a lot of Nutella and peanut butter... a lot...

The main reason I did so bad is that "I didn't PLAN" my food diary. PLANNING IS KEY .

Family, Work, Learning and Spirituality:

We are more than bi dimensional, life is not just fitness and food, there is more to it. We need the all package in order to be happy. 

Without getting in details, I can say that I have long busy days, between my family life, I look after my children 5-8h depending on the day, I work everyday of the week, from a spiritual point of view, I have  my duties as a Muslim and finally from a mental and personal perspective, to improve, to strive for better means that you NEED TO LEARN, TO READ, TO RESEARCH, TO TRY FAIL AND TRY AGAIN.

In all honesty, being busy keeps me going, I love any parcels of my life and strive on a daily basis to improve in each and everyone of them. 

Make sure to give to your beloved ones the attention they deserve, in my case they are the reason why I go to work and I strive for a better life. It will be meaningless if I cannot share my blessings with them. 

As of now every Monday I will post #TheTrainForLifeWayOfLife, a snapshot of my week, which look very much like what you just read. 

As explained during this post, the idea is to demonstrate that the TrainForLifePhilosophy #TrainForLifeayOfLife is to believe in oneself, in an healthy, balanced, harmonious and simple life.

Stop complaining and take responsibilities for your life, IF THERE IS SOMTHING YOU DONT LIKE CHANGE IT. LIVE LIFE ACCORDING TO YOUR BELIEFS.

We generally  get what we deserve, if you work on your family life, your relationships, your job, your spirituality, general knowledge, your fitness and nutrition, YOU will be happier.

There is no secret formula, HARD WORK pays off. Each and every time I was focused and willing to pay the price, to sacrifice in order to achieve a goal. With no fail I Achieved it. 

The Train For Life Community is a group of people who share the same values and what is applicable to fitness can be in our daily lives. "Together We Are Stronger". 

Instructing, leading by example is the TrainForLifeWay

Instructing, leading by example is the TrainForLifeWay