#cuttingweight day 18

Rise and Shine 4.15am Thursday  14th of January 2016

I got up and jump on the scale and weighed myself at 85.6kg again. I am definitely at my limits in terms of what my body aloud me to lose. I kind of reach a plateau, my food intake has to be spot on or I get slightly over. I need to be cautious, as I am happy with strength and everything, so I will not limit my calories a lot more, I will just make sure to stick to 2500.

3 Daily workouts: BJJ, Kettlebell and swimming.

5-6.30am BJJ, drills and sparring: The sparring was starting from closed guard, we alternated. 

Kettlebell 6.45-7.30am with 24kg Kettlebell 

Wk1: 5 single arm swing, 3 snatches, 5 jump lunges, 5 push ups, 3 shuttle run

Wk2: 5 double arm swing, 5 open close, 250m/run add 5 reps in each round

Wk3: wk1+wk2


It felt good as i am not a guard player, I nevertheless, managed a couple of sweeps or went into open guard with good grips. This aloud me to be on the front foot and get back on top. Generally my game is tighter, so I see the dangers and feel stronger defending leg locks attempts.


Breakfast: A black coffee

Post workout: around 8.15am 3 scrambled eggs, peanut butter on toast a banana and a white coffee.

Lunch: Pink salmon, salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, flaxseed and pumpkin seeds, olive oil.

Snack: chickpeas and left over of salad

Snack: almonds

Dinner: Pasta and beef with a mushroom half a square of dark chocolate

Drinks: 1 black, 1 white coffees, 1 green tea and 2-2.5 liters of water.


Morning Training went really well.

We sparred a lot and the technique and the physical condition have improved a lot, I am almost ready. I plan to spar Friday, Monday and Wednesday for the last time, then drills and on the plane. 

The Kettlebell conditioning class was awesome, I now feel fit and strong, during and after the class.

Evening swim class, I didn't want to go as I was starving. I just wanted to stay home and eat. Then I said to myself burn more calories and maybe you eat a bit more. So I went to swim and hated each and every minute of it.

Day 18 conclusions:

I had my dinner and manage to stay within my calorie allowance, to eat pasta made me happy made me happy. After my dinner, I went on the scale out of curiosity and it marked 85kg. What a surprise and joy. I knew that the following day I would be below 85kg for the first time in 4 years.

Bjj and conditioning are both going well, my BJJ knowledge and accuracy is rising. At a fitness level, I am close to my peak in this moment in time. I cannot push a lot more and I will soon decrease the workload, so I am happy with the gains.

tomorrow I will be a week away from Lisbon... 


The journey is hard but if I wasn't it would not worth doing...