#cuttingweight day 16

Rise and Shine 4.15am Tuesday  12th of January 2016

I got up and jump on the scale and weighed myself at 85kg, a breakthrough. I am really happy. The efforts are paying off.

3 Daily workouts: BJJ, Kettlebell and spinning 

5-6.30am BJJ, drills, no sparring: we were both tired of yesterday hard 3 sessions, so we drilled for a hour.

8.30-9am: I had a sport massage on my leg and was told that it can affect or not my performances for 1-2 days after the massage took place. 

6-6.45pm: spin class, I skipped the Kettlebell session as I felt stiff but decide to spin. 


Breakfast: A black coffee and few almonds

Post workout: around 8.15am yesterday left over, beans, halloumi cheese, 

Lunch: lentils,Broccoli and cauliflower, sardines, scrambled eggs, a slice of bread

Snack: a tin of chickpeas, half banana muffin (boys left over), milk coffee

Dinner: pasta with sardines, and stir fried vegetables, an apple, a piece of toast with peanut butter, half a square of dark chocolate And a tea.

Drinks: 1 black, 1 white coffees, 1 green tea, 2 teas and 2-2.5 liters of water.


Oh my!! spinning after having received a sport massage is one of the most painful experience ever. My legs felt "empty", I could hardly move. I need to know when I am fully recovered, in order to schedule my next massage before the competition. Nutrition is definitely better, more controlled but it is not easy to be day in day out below 2500, almost 1000-1500 below my maintenance calorie intake.

Day 16 conclusions:

From a physique perspective, my body keeps under tension, I see the weight goes down ONLY when I am below Or at 2500 Cal. Today I was slightly over and it showed on the scale.

From a conditioning point of you, the sports massage just "killed" me, I had it in the morning, felt relaxed the afternoon and went to spin in the evening and felt that I had done two legs session before jumping on the bike. At the end of the session I started to feel better. Tomorrow will be interesting as I have a lot of leg work coming my way.

Regarding BJJ, I checked the bracket for the European Championship and we are 14 fighters so far.. The medals cost 3-4 fights!

Flashback, Lisbon BJJ European Championship 2012... 

Flashback, Lisbon BJJ European Championship 2012...