#cuttingweight day 14

Rise and Shine 5.30am Sunday 10th of January 2016

I got up and jump on the scale and weighed myself at 85.6kg again. I am happy again

Planned workouts: NONE, RESTING DAY


Breakfast: 7am, yesterday left over of red beans and chicory in Greek yoghurt, garlic and lime juice dressing, 2 boiled eggs and a black coffee.

Lunch: 11.30am,  red beans, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives, flaxseeds, and mackerel, 1 green tea.

Snack: 1.30pm a toast left over and beans from my children.

Snack: chickpeas and white coffee 

Dinner: roasted chicken breast, rice, cauliflower and roasted almonds in a coconut oil and a square of dark chocolate

Drinks: 1 black, 1 white coffee, 1 green tea and 2-2.5 liters of water.


The food part has been easier as it was well planned, I did not feel too hungry during the day. 

Day 14 conclusions:

I didn't mange to lower my calorie intake so I hate my calorie allowance. I had in general term a good day, I could rest and prepare myself for the last 10 days. The weight should be hit by Wednesday and from then on, it will be maintenance. I had a quick glance at scale befor going to bed and I was at 86.2kg. I am on track.

Tomorrow will be intense with 3 sessions programmed and hopefully my neck issue is sorted out for good.

Back in 2007 with the guys... 

Back in 2007 with the guys...