#Cutting weight day 3


RISE AND SHINE 4.15am Wednesday 30th December 2015


Planned workouts: 5-7.30am BJJ drills and 5.30-6.30pm conditioning

Effective workoutsBJJ drills: focus on Leg weaves, long step, knee slide into leg drag from inverted DLV6-7am.

Conditioning 4 10 4010 70kg squat 45"-1' rest between sets I

4 10 50kg lunges4 sets of 10 20kg stiff leg deadlift with Fatz grip (grip work), 10 20kg good mornings (for posture) and 10 double 14kg dumbbell lunge (knee bar prevention)

10 10 7 70kg deadlift (1extra deadlift in each set), had to stop at set 8 as started to feel pain behind my traps.

5' on bike resistance 10 2.86km (managed 20m more  than yesterday)

Nutrition:Breakfast: 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, 1 handful of cranberries and 1 almonds.

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, 100g of pink salmon, handful of almonds, a tbs of flax seeds and olive oil, 50g of chickpeas, 80g crunchy salad, 4 cherry tomatoes. WAS HUNGRYSnack: 1/2 a pear and 5 grapes (my son left over)

Dinner: roasted vegetables (tomatoes, red onion and pepper 3 and a half beef sausages and a bit of mash potato.STILL HUNGRYCrispy salad with mackerel, cherry tomatoes, almonds and olive oil. FELT BETTER.

Daily drinks: 2 black coffees, 2 teas and 2.5 liters of waterTips: plan the hour of your meals, every 3-4 hours, it helps not getting badly hungry.Comments:Apart from a fitness point if view, it does not get easier, I felt really hungry and desperate at lunch and dinner time, hence the quantities eaten.I maintain my carbs intake really low, so I have my ups and many downs, at time I don't feel great.

Day 3 conclusions: I have my first niggle, the pain in my traps, i will not lift any weight tomorrow. I will adjust by eating every 3 hours and resting more. The good NEWS IS THAT WEIGHT GOES DOWN, I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO MONDAY TO SEE WHERE I AM.




Training is never easy. It has to be harder than the comp. "train hard, fight easy" 

Training is never easy. It has to be harder than the comp. "train hard, fight easy"